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This journal will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...oh...
Freezing hell over since 1988.
Post-Bathurst, pre-death, first entry.
Soooo. This is journaling, Gaian style. Schnazzy. I think I'm getting a journal overdose, seeing as I've just gotten three of these journalie things in the last 48 hours on three different sites. But I can talk for hours so I spose I will. Firstly about my beloved V8s as I have not the chance to express much about it elsewhere in my thousands of other journals.

Rickler (Young Rick to Murph dear XD) and Murph did it again at Bathurst yesterday. Sterling effort. Much tougher than the year before. I knew they could do it and I guess I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that they could, but I may have mistaken it for hunger pangs at the time. eek But I was glad they did. Ok, not glad. ESTBLOODYSTATIC. heart heart heart Murph. Oh Murph! alas, he is a real champ and I forgive him for being such a b***h at Winton, because he had his reasons. Because he was real nice at Bathurst according to Kassbum. And she should know. (He touched her on the....shoulder. XD) And Rick. My God. I said last year that "This boy will get somewhere fast." Apart from reeling because of my dreadful habit of weaving puns into every second sentence back then, I'm superdupery glad because he showed 'em bastards who wrote him off at Winton after jumping on the bandwagon back at Eastern Creek. Oh yes he did! He showed them! Yes he did! And I'm proud. He did an awesome job yesterday at the Mountain, along with Murph. They're a real awesome combo and I'm sad they'll be going their separate ways next year. I think they are too. They really worked well together. I'll be telling my kids about these races. Stunning. Absolutely incredible. And Murph's right: Rick will win more Bathursts yet. There's no doubting that - he has the sheer talent to do it, plus throw in his amazing ability to focus and his steely determination, and you've got it all. I can see it all now...He's only twenty one and has two wins - my God, he'll be the next Jim Richards (six wins and counting) or even Brocky (nine wins) at this rate! Haha. Well, here's hoping. I can see a couple more podiums yet for Rickler. And hopefully some for Murph too. The poor dear deserves some kindness after a tough couple of years for him. I hope he gets it at PWR, where wide opinion says he's headed for the '05 season. I thought Ricko was staying put at KRT, but his contracts up at the end of the year and apparently he's doing some 'negotiating' of some sort. Seeing as his father owns Kmart Racing, I thought he'd stay on for a couple more seasons while Garth Tander came aboard. They'd be pretty good in the enduros too, as long as Tands lapsed in his old habit that Tomas Mezera calls "picking up any old shitbox and carrying it around", as opposed to simply driving an old shitbox.

Apologises for lapsing into Mel's-a-motorsport-journo-come-genius! mode. I do that sometimes...at the wrong times.... whee razz Haha. Damn. I just get extremely enthused about my V8s. Don't know how I coped 15 and a quarter years without them. razz

Oh yes. And congrats to Seto/Lowndesy and BJ/JB for finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. If we couldn't have an all Holden podium then my two fave Ford teams (probably because they're serial underperfomers, although everyone loves Craig Lowndes! heart ) were almost as good. I do feel a bit for Seto though, coz he wanted this win bad. And even more so for Bradley Jones and John Bowe, because I think they wanted this more than Seto did. They're definently not getting any younger and they've been trying to get this for years, specially BJ. They tried really hard to look happy on the podium yesterday. I think they failed miserably. My heart goes out to them. But I know they're happy. Just not as happy as Ricko and Murphy. biggrin

And that, friends, is the way it should stay. I think after yesterday, though, Richo's had a bit of a shunt-out of the championship. It's still close, but these next few races I can see Ambrose and Brighty (and hopefully Rick, he's still my dark horse tip to take it out, baby!) zooming off into the distance and while Richo will do well he won't take home the big points he needs to re-knock them off the top of the table. But who knows. Not me. God knows the Pringallmeister might jump over the lot of them and take it out from nowhere, in which case I'll jump off a cliff, or the nearest substitute (eg. the couch, although Mum will make a vocal protest, no doubt.).

Oh. And can I lastly add, tough luck Dumbrell and Longhurst. They were looking good for a lil' while. Specially in the shootout. Sheesh I thought PD was going to make it his there for a little while. And my God he did look smashing after the shootout lap. Longhurst was right, calling him "so cute" on the telly, haha. I love Dumbrell. No...I'm in love with Dumbrell...everything about his Virgoan self...his irrestible smile, his unruly brown hair, his gorgeous eyes that sparkle, his cute thumbs up every time a camera is thrown in his face, all of the above at once....-swoonfalldie- heart I've seen it so many times but I want more. More. MORE. gonk

Now I apologise for lapsing into lovesick mode. I swear, I don't do this often. But Paul Dumbrell is love personified and I WANT LOVEEEEEEEEE. heart

Haha oh s**t.

Well, I'll quit while I'm ahead. Maybe I'll return later, posting something that won't be remotely related to V8 Supercars. Maybe. I can't gurantee that. Haha. It was Bathurst yesterday, after all.

And as I dozed off to my sleepyland last night, I could still see those cars emerging from Skyline, around Forrest Corner and down Conrod Straight. Bathurst is like Christmas for motorsport fans. But better.

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commentCommented on: Mon Oct 11, 2004 @ 01:38pm
that is one loooooooooooooooong post. wow!

commentCommented on: Mon Oct 11, 2004 @ 02:42pm
I just can't shut up about V8 Supercars.

Actually, I can't shut up full stop. Tis the writer in me. He wants to escape. I won't let him. whee

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