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Mental Autogratification This is where I dump stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else. It's probably 90% BS. You have been warned.

Elf Lord Chiewn
Community Member
Even more signa-ghosts.

Lord Setar

Here's you backup!
And stating that a culture that allows it is invalid.
You have to rationally prove that there is a situaion where it is either Amoral or Immoral

Burden of proof lies on the person making a claim.
If you want us to believe that something is universally moral, it lies to you to prove that it is, not to us to prove that it isn't.

My case is obvious.
How can it be moral or amoral to torture and kill a newborn?


Every time he repeats the question, someone cite Sparta. Please.

Jaaten Syric
Mr. Crippla
Evolution is, basically, the change in a population's traits from generation to generation.

How does this disprove God? I don't understand.

The bible says we all have eternal spirits, not eternal physical bodies.

How does "evolution" disprove God?

It doesn't, nor has it ever claimed to. Next topic?

Well, it does only in the flawed sense that the Scooby Gang rolls up in the Secular Humanitarian Machine and shows us that the guy changing fish into lizards wasn't God but Old Man Smithers wearing a mask and utilizing a clever system of ropes and pulleys, as well as a little natural selection.

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those pesky scientists and their pesky dog.

Steampunk Patashu
Elf Lord Chiewn

I do wonder why some people insist on generalizing all people of a certain group or persuasion.

Generalizations are generally correct. (I've always wanted to say that)

Lilith Delost
Lilith Delost
Lily is bored and cold and hungry.. EMO emo

I can't be emo, emos have heartbreak issues and cut themselves cause their boy/girlfriend left them

OR because no one understands them, or because they feel abandoned, or because they dropped their favorite snack cake on the ground.

it's usually that last one.

Lord Setar

As for the moving the goalposts fallacy, it's really neat the way fallacies correlate to sports rules. For instance, the net in ice hockey is usually held down with fasteners bored into the ice surface. If the net comes off of its borings, play is immediately stopped. If the net comes up (not off), there cannot be a goal scored into that net until it comes to rest flat on the ice surface, on its borings (if it comes off, stoppage).

However, in street hockey, the puck must simply cross the line and be within the net area. So if I, as a goalie, ******** up and push the net a bit off the line, I still have to defend the line. I tried once, because the ball had gone over the LINE but not fully into the NET when I pushed it out, but the other team said that because while it was fully over the line (though only about half into the actual net) it was a goal. I of course didn't like the call, because as a goalie I tend to use the goal posts to judge where the ball is in relation to the goal line. So in essence I tried a literal and physical adaptation of the fallacy (though I was unsuccessful for one, and for two it was entirely accidental).

Quite irritating considering that my team at the time ('twas in gym, but goalies stayed at one net while teams rotated) had an idiot on it that refused to blame HIS lack of ability to play defense on the pressure I was getting in goal, instead deciding to jab away at my self-esteem and tell me I sucked. It doesn't help when you're telling me I suck and you constantly stand at the other side, instead of coming back and playing a little defense.

Of course, there was that other game where the two girls on the other team stood around my net and tried to distract me. I showed off by holding a conversation AND playing goal at the same time. Very fun, considering those girls are extremely annoying. And now I'm light-years off topic.

Actually it is. Stating that she does not like her genetalia, even if she were to become sexless, is indeed a facet of transexuality. To want to change your sex, regardless of the end result, is to want to be transexual. If she wants no sex she's transexual, if she wants both sexes she's transexual, and if she wants the opposite sex she's transexual.
Oh yey.
Syllogism. I love this.

Riddle me this, then.

I - Water has a unique surface tension which allows certain spiders to walk on its surface without sinking.
II - Jesus walked on water.

Does that make Jesus a spider?

Furthermore - Transsexuality is defined in many places as establishing a permanent identity with the opposite sex. (paraphrased from source.)

That's how androgyny fits into the VenDiagram of Gender and how asexuality fits into the Sexual Vendiagram.
(Read Error: Sentence does not make sense)

Nobody turns gay, just like you can't turn an SUV into a polar bear. It's just not doable.

i bet you're the kind of guy who could torrent a golf ball through an ISDN line!

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