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Let's have a dream. A Happy Horrible Dream.

Winter Cynic
Community Member
Character Interviews--The Boys
Let's presume that the interview happens at the middle of their respective stories. I'll make another one for the Ladies.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

Characters Chosen:
1. Julian Isaias
2. Camilo du Ames
3. Kojiro Izumiyama
4. Raphael Zen Isobel
5. Xavier von Langley

How Old Are You?
Julian: I should be in my mid thirties.
Camilo: Quite old...Four thousand years old, I think.
Kojiro: Twenty-two.
Raphael: Twenty-three and a few years, I reckon.
Xavier: Twenty-one.

Julian: 5'10".
Camilo: I'm 6 feet tall.^_^
Kojiro: 6 feet.
Raphael: 6'2".
Xavier: ...5'11".

You Got Any Bad Habits?
Julian: I drink often.
Camilo: I adore flirting. -charming smile- I like fishing for compliments. Loads and loads and loads of them.
Kojiro: Ahhhh, I like chewing on my thumb when I'm in thought.
Raphael: I like chewing the insides of my mouth.
Xavier: ...none of your business.

Are you a virgin?
Julian: What? -glare-
Camilo: Not anymore! -proud smile-
Kojiro: NO. -laugh-
Raphael: No.
Xavier: -glares intensely-

Who's your Mate?
Julian: Mate? Well....I wouldn't call him that but my mate is Dylan Montgomery.
Camilo: Octavian! Um...both of them.
Kojiro: -sly smirk- Soon to be Aomori Rinezawa.
Raphael: Sammy Linwael.
Xavier: ...Becky....

Have Any Kids?
Julian: Yes, actually. I have three children. -proudly raising head- We adopted Marius and then we had Julianne and Oberon through Yorimichi technologies' innovations in bioengineering.
Camilo: -smiles- Well, one, but I'm not sure if he's only my child. His name is William.<3 He's a lycan I found one evening you see. Lucrecius and I have been fighting over the title of mother since Sylphias, his servant calls himself father already....-fume- But I do have a fledgling! A beautiful soul named Stephen Greenwood. Does he count??
Kojiro: Nope. But we might.
Raphael: Not yet.
Xavier: ...-glare-

Favourite Food?
Julian: Hmm....I haven't really decided. Mostly the meals Dylan cooks.<3 Oh. And Tostillas, and Mexican food.
Camilo: Ohhhh I have the insanest weakness for Food For The Gods.
Kojiro: I'd have to say that I'm crazy for the Philippine Humba, especially when it's cooked with egg.
Raphael: Uhm.....anything edible??
Xavier: ...Beast Stew.-glare some more-

Favourite Ice Cream flavour?
Julian: I can't decide...
Camilo: It has to be anything with chocolate!
Kojiro: Oh daaaaaaaamn. Mango.
Raphael: Uh...pistachio?
Xavier: ...liquor flavored.

Killed anyone?
Julian: Yes. -smiles darkly suddenly- Two people actually. My teacher and the b***h named Victoria...
Camilo: I'm a Pureblood! Of course I need to kill. It's part of my diet.
Kojiro: Never needed to.
Raphael: -holds gun up and aims- You better start running.
Xavier: -shrugs- Only when needed.

Hate anyone?
Julian: Anyone who looks at Dylan. Or anyone who touches my family. -seethes-
Camilo: I can't really say...I don't believe in hating.
Kojiro: ...there was that one teacher who failed my friend...
Raphael: Not really.
Xavier: -glares- My twin brother.

Any Secrets?
Julian: I stole Dylan Montgomery's jersey way back in the summer of '8x when Harvard and Oxford had a soccer match.
Camilo: I'm an open book.
Kojiro: >>; Aomori Rinezawa was the first man and the first person I ever fell in love with.
Raphael: ...I'm an assassin?
Xavier: -glares-

Love Anyone?
Julian: My family!
Camilo: Octavian.<3 And William. And my brother, Lace.<3 and of course Lucrecius and Sylphias and everyone in the Chateau. And my fledgling Stephen!<3
Kojiro: Aomori.<3
Raphael: Sammy. My foster brothers and foster family, and I guess Timothy and I guess Heinz....and my sisters.
Xavier: Becky.

Julian: With lots of chili.
Camilo: What Julian said.<3
Kojiro: HELL YEAH.
Raphael: C'mon, I want extra ground meat.
Xavier: ...-eats-

Ever slept in all day?
Julian: It's part of being an author. -shrug-
Camilo: Mmmm.<3 I have to get my beauty sleep.
Kojiro: Yup. If my teachers aren't demanding me to pass in my work.
Raphael: Sometimes.
Xavier: Barely sleep.

Favourite Show?
Julian: CSI. Molto Mario. Iron Chef.
Camilo: Hmmm....fashion shows?
Kojiro: None.
Raphael: Nope.
Xavier: -shakes head-

Favorite Band/Singer?
Julian: L'arc~en~Ciel, Gackt, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, I could go on. Oh yes. My Chemical Romance.
Camilo: Well...myself? The Chateau Orchestra?
Kojiro: Ramstein. >D Parokya no Edgar.
Raphael: Hmm...too many too mention.
Xavier: Dir en Grey.

Eye Colour/s?
Julian: Dylan Amber.
Camilo: Octavian Amber!♥♥♥
Kojiro: Uhh....Aomori Blue??
Raphael: Not really picky.
Xavier: They're still eyes, aren't they?

Julian: Dylan snow white-sometimes golden tan.<3
Camilo: Hmm...not really particular, but I love the color on Octavian.
Kojiro: Huh??
Raphael: Anything even toned.
Xavier: -shrug-

Julian: I'd like built.
Camilo: Titanic. Just like Ashley Riot.<3
Kojiro: I'd like to be buff, thank you.
Raphael: I like meat on my prey.
Xavier: Does it matter?

Rain, sunshine?
Julian: Rain.
Camilo: Both!<3 And snow.
Kojiro: Sunshine.
Raphael: Rain. Easier for me to hide.
Xavier: Both are annoying.

Pool, Beach?
Julian: Neither. Hate bodies of water.
Camilo: Either.
Kojiro: Both.
Raphael: I'm not too particular.
Xavier: Shower.

Camping, staying home.
Julian: Well, I'm always open to suggestions.
Camilo: I like traveling around the world better.
Kojiro: Camping.
Raphael: Staying at home.
Xavier: Home.

Dog, Cat?
Julian: Snake.<3
Camilo: Cats!
Kojiro: Dooooog.
Raphael: Dog.
Xavier: Dragon.

Believe in aliens?
Julian: What?
Camilo: Excuse me? What are those?
Kojiro: Suuuuure.
Raphael: Pffffft.
Xavier: -glare-

Natural Born, or Clone?
Julian: Natural.
Camilo: Natural.<3
Kojiro: Natural duh??
Raphael: Am I supposed to be anything else?
Xavier: -sighs-

Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?
Julian: Well, destroyed is more like MASSACRED.
Camilo: Not yet.<3
Kojiro: Nope.
Raphael: It was hell messy.
Xavier: Nope.

Any Unusual Things about you?
Julian: Hmm...I have an odd inexplicable illness in my family. And I have a tendency to kill people and to make good work of it. I'm good with pointy objects. And I have a wing shaped birthmark on my body that matches Dylan's exactly.
Camilo: My eyes are naturally silver but they change color subtly with my mood.
Kojiro: My father is a famous art block artist?
Raphael: I discovered a dragonfly tattoo spanning my whole back after blood spilled on me. It just appeared. I swear. And I'm also part of the "slave" class of the Yorimichis. I'm a Shinigami, a highly trained and highly gifted assasin. -roll eyes-
Xavier: I can generate a sword from an large slit in my left palm.

How much food/drink do you need a day?
Julian: Depends what time of the year it is.
Camilo: Not too much. I have to keep my figure.
Kojiro: If there is food, I shall eat.
Raphael: Enough.
Xavier: So-so.

Favourite Place?
Julian: With my loved ones.
Camilo: With my darlings.<3
Kojiro: >>; -whispers- In Ao.
Raphael: Anywhere quiet.
Xavier: With Becky.


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