They Whom Shall Remain Anonymous For The Sake Of Privacy
I'm writing a list of "101# Reaons Why Sakura Rocks." (See my Journal)
I can't think of very many, so if everyone would post their ideas of why Sakura rocks, I will choose one that's the best and give that person 1K, also, All of the ones that I liked will be added to the list in my journal.


The REASON you can't think of any is because Sakura flat-out sucks arse. mad

If that were a list of 101 Reasons Why Kakashi Rocks, you couldn't freaking STOP at 101. You'd have to keep going. To 1001. xD

I'm tired. I spent far too long exhorting why Yukimura/Mitsunari/Kanetsugu is such a canon pairing in my journal (and why Hanzo/Yukimura is not one) that I am sleepy. ALREADY. It's like, three hours before my normal bedtime. Admitedly, ever since I discovered DW (and now SW) my bedtime has shifted from 11PM to 1AM. Even on uni nights. Every night. Just about. Which is bad for me. Really bad. I like sleeping. Honestly, I do.



I have to go the bank tommorow, anyway. :/