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The Saddest Thing I Have Ever Witnessed
i want to be part of the Animal Liberation Front, (A.K.A.) the A.L.F. when i first saw animals getting slaughtered, i knew i had to make a difference.
Lyrics To In The Name Of Convenience

Over the hill theres a factory with walls a mile high and behind those walls lies a killing floor where thousands of animals die. So welcome to the factory farm where murder means production. Its the process of supply and demand supported by your consumption. And so you swallow the lies and end their lives but could you face this horror? Could you stand and watch as the blade slides across their throat-their body is hung upside down and they bleed to death before you? Could you stand and watch as the bolt drives through their skull? Watch them as they flail about and not have it affect you? Could you stand and watch as they beat an animal to death? A full sized axe smashed against its skull until theres nothing left. How the ******** can you stand and watch as a life becomes a product, or as a child is ripped from its mother to become the next to receive this? These are lives, not products. These are cows, not beef. These are pigs, not pork. These are chickens, not poultry. These are calves, not veal. These are lives, not products. These are animals, just as we, and they deserve to be free. Not the voiceless victims of a murderous process where we claim superiority. Its up to every one of us to stop this murder and it starts on an individual level. Lets make the choice to raise our voice and not let up until they tear every last factory down! From the moment of birth their hardships begin. Theyll be wanted for their flesh , their eggs, their milk, their fur, their skin. Theyll be chained into veal crates, or cages stacked up high, and depending on their gender some are simply left to die. Fed a steady diet or rendered waste from their own kind. Theyll be injected with hormones and drugs to keep them all alive. Confined and forced to inhale the stench of growing piles of waste. Some will become violent and neurotic due to lack of space. And the animals raped for their eggs and milk- when their production life is through, theyll be shipped of to the slaughter in hopes that theyll be consumed by me and you. Paraded through the slaughterhouse where theyll soon be known as meat. The stench of blood and entrails from the floor beneath their feet. Theyll watch the ones before them and hear their final cries of pain. Imagine the terror in their minds as they watch their families get slain. Their blood is cursing through your veins. Suffer their screams, suffer their pain. Remove the blindfold from your eyes. You have no right to take their lives. In the name of convenience they are victims of greed. Why support the torture for a product you dont need? Stop for a moment, look into their eyes. Watch what you are guilty of-watch the way they die. Few of us know what it is to fight when youve already struggled with all f your might. Few of us know what it is to fight when its a matter of death or a matter of life. Few of us know what it is to fight against neglect and abuse that is kept out of sight. Few of us know what it is to fight when you have no defense against the blade of the knife.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue May 15, 2007 @ 12:58am
wow. thats super touching. i mean, just, wow.
who wrote that? i guess ur a vegitarian? i used to be, but my mom actually made me eat meat again, but i still refuse beef, though. well, ttul!
heart -Lizzy

commentCommented on: Mon May 28, 2007 @ 05:58pm
it was cool.

Community Member
Kenshin Himura 0989
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jun 07, 2007 @ 04:44am
yea my homie wrote this and i helped him turn it into a song.

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