TODAY IS MASON-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY! HIP HIP HURRAY!! Many &3's to you my friend, you're now 16 years old!

Today he's having a birthday party + sleepover and I'm going. Kora, Chloe, Mickey, Jamie, and I'm sure other people I know are going to be there. So turns out my weekend won't be so boring afterall!

Well I gotta go get ready some more now! I'll update with the details tomorrow. :3


It's actually more like 4 days later, and since I'm lazy I'll make this short. xD

Mason's house is gorgeous as hell, I'm not even kidding. It's not exactly very roomy, but it's extremely homely and I felt comfortable there, which is something I can rarely say about new houses. Part of what makes his house gorgeous is the surroundings, since he lives out in the middle of no where and is surrounded by green fields, forest, and clean lakes. The whole time I kept musing about how much the guys would love it there - I don't skimp on saying that I missed them quite a bit.

We mostly played DDR, watched Leigh play some Resident Evil, ate yummy oreo cake and had pizza and fries with gravy. Zombies kind of made me loose my appetite a little, but it was all good.

The people that were there was Kora, Steph, Mickey, Becca, Leigh, Chloe, Jamie, Kat, and Tonie. Me, Kora, and Leigh slept overnight. Actually me and Leigh are friends again I think, at least we got along well. I was a real jerk to him last year and I regret it immensely, because he didn't deserve any of it.

I made Mason a picture of his character, Rei, and it doubled as a card. I drew him a slutty catgirl later, but the only reason why it turned out slutty was because Chloe told me what to make her wear. >_> ( I was out of ideas. )

Anyways, it was great fun. ^^ I hope Mason enjoyed himself too! He seemed a bit tired out by the end of it all. I lent him SSB Melee and in return got to borrow Tales of Symphonia. <3