I didn't have a literacy test on account of me doing it last year, so I took the liberty of taking the day off and going to visit my ToA group at Widdifield, seeing as I won't be seeing them for a while.

I showed up at Azzy's house a little later then I wanted to, but it didn't matter much anyways, she got dressed and we biked all the way there. Took us an hour, but it was actually pretty fun, good exercise, and we arrived fairly early.

We were in the Arts studio until lunch with Nika, goofing off and having a generally good old time. I was in pretty high spirits and extremely hyper. xP When lunch arrived we went to go find Brandon and bumped into Sheldon and Steven on the way, so we all looked together ... though it took it nearly the whole lunch hour to find him. >_>;

Ricky wasn't even there on accounts that he went home after he was done the literacy test, and I won't pretend I wasn't disappointed, because he didn't even bother to stop by and say hello before he left. I won't pretend my conscious hadn't plummeted after that point either.

Anyways, Steven didn't stay with us for very long because he decided to go to his afternoon classes, but we met up with Kora and Katherine and they ditched with me, Azzy, Brandon, and Sheldon - who told me that the only times he's ever skipped is when I'm visiting. I feel like a bad influence.

We all went to Tim Hortons, pooled our money, and all bought something. Although I said that I wasn't going to buy a cinnamon roll, I ended up buying one anyways along with a Coke. We didn't hang around for too long there either because Azzy had to be back early for archery practice, so we were gonna go to Kora's house ... but then Azzy noticed that she lost her cap and scarf and her, Brandon, and Katherine went back to the school to get it.

Me, Kora, and Sheldon just stayed at Kora's house and played DDR, and we were eventually joined by Katherine, but she didn't stay long. After DDR we all just watched funny movies on the computer and then around 7:00-ish I had to start biking home.

Another hour-long bike ride later, I was back home and a little bored. I got to go on the computer for a little bit but I didn't do much besides talking and signing up for The World.

Yesterday was pretty fun all and all, but for some reason it just didn't feel satisfying at all. I didn't leave with a smile like I usually do, and I didn't feel happy to the brim either. It just felt like something was missing, and it struck me to the soul. I don't understand much, I tried to enjoy myself, but I just found myself thinking alot of the time. At least I was able to start eating again.

This weekend coming up promises to be boring. I hope that the next week gets over and done with as quickly as possible.