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my life based on my team to work togther.
Naruto online chat 2!but they're still online!please commit!
Ranger Jakie:WTF!what did he say?
weapon girl 22:he said that he likes sakura.got a problem with that?
Ranger Jackie:kinda.not like the two other rangers i know.
Hinata_shy girl:who r they? xd
Ranger Jakie:um...a girl name kazuki and hinata but in the american version they're called Solana and Lunick,but don't sweat it hinata.
FanXX_girl of the sand:damn.same name like hinata's but it's really werid...
Barbie_girl:......i wish sakura was a b***h but sasuke loves sakura... crying
weapon girl 22:....ino your an emo emo emo
Barbie_girl:emo?whats that.


Ranger Jakie surprised h,wtf..what r we going to do?

Peter griffth has sign on

Cherry Blossom_~:hey the hell r you?
Peter:uh.....family guy?
Cherry Blossom_~:.......oh your that funny guy!! xd i luv that show of yours!!!
Barbie girl:at least sakura's his fan girl xd
Cheey Blossom_~:what did you say b***h?
Barbie Girl:..........
Cherry Blossom_~:i'll find you ino-pig!!*goes to door*
BadXBoy:this isn't going to be good. sweatdrop
Gai Sensi has logged on

Gai Sensi-rock lee!if your there do 50,000 push ups with on arm and i'll let you see
teenage mutanut ninja turtles!
Sakura-lover 101:yea!TMNT!!

Gai Sensi has logged out
Sakura-lover 101 has logged out

BadXBoy:.......what was that......and What about TMNT.... xd
Cherry Blossom_~:i don't know sasuke-kun?

Ranger Jakie:...........................????

Ranger Solana has loged on
Ranger Lunick has logged on.

Ranger Jakie surprised no... crying
Ranger Solana:whats wrong,jackie?
Ranger Lunick:hey jack whats wrong?
BadXBoy surprised h two more rangers?what rank?
Solana and Lunick:rank 10....
Hyuuga fighter:......ok what's with the pokemon rangers?
Corrdinator_contest queen:um,hello i'm a trainer.......
Hyuuuga fighter:.....and a trainer........

Elmo has logged on

Elmo:i'm an emo.... emo emo emo
Hyuuga fighter: eek eek oh god help us....!!!
BadXBoy:my god another moron... scream scream
Fan_XX~Girl of the sand:calm down.its a stupid Elmo...

Hikari-queen of the stage has logged on
May's bad boy has logged on

Corrdinator_contest queen:.......Drew is that you...?
May's bad boy:yes may its me,drew.
BadXBoy surprised h another corrdinator and a trainer.what's next a gay person.
Barbie_be your girl:i guess...like the gay person on show yesterday...
ranger jakie:it could be poppy the damn sailor man. xd
BadXBoy:i dunno. neutral
Cherry Blossom_~ surprised h snap i bet not a shimp is logging on and he's gay.

Not A Shimp has logged on

BadXBoy:OMG.not a shimp is totally gay.he's my next door nehigbor.
Cherry Blossom_~: eek
BadXBoy:seriously.he sucks so bad like a weak person but he's type dumb and stupid.
May's bad boy:you mean itachi?
BadXBoy:how did you know? surprised eek
May's bad boy:cause me and may r your next door neighbors.
all your friends your chatting with is nextdoor to you but we all live in different house duh.
Reman_main_NiNjA:he's right sasuke because we all live in the same floor and apartment bulding.
Hikari-queen of the stage:true but where's nazomi?
Ranger Jakie:i dunno?
Cherry Blossom_~:Nazomi?oh him!he's my next door neighbor so i'll call him to log on.k?
Hikari-queen of the stage surprised k.

HikariXNazomi has logged on

Hyuuga fighter surprised mg another corrdinator?
domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun
BadXBoy surprised h neji don't bring the damn domo.
Cherry Blossom_~:severs you right neji!
Elmo:i eat kids and emos when there asleep.


Elmo has logged of.
Ranger Jackie:thank god he's out.
Fan_XX~Girl of the sand:you can say that again!!
May's bad boy:......now what the heck r we gonna do?
BadXBoy:i dunno?
Ranger Solana:party online i guess?
Ranger Lunick:i guess we colud soo.......
Wait a minute?!where's peter griffin
Peter Griffin surprised h danm!i have to drive Meg to school.!!i hate that job! scream
well see ya later!

Peter Griffin has sign out.

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    YES 1st comment! sweeeet u gotta make number three!!

    comment PinkAngel25 · Community Member · Fri Mar 30, 2007 @ 12:15am
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