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sleepover lol
Alright, this weekend was a bundle of fun. =3 And now I shall explain why. ( yes, I finally updated Steven XD )

This weekend's ToA Night at my house = <3

First I woke up at like 9:00 AM, and took a shower ... then I went to my room, and all the sudden I hear something being thrown at my window, and I'm all 'wtf' so I look outside and then Sheldon's standing there! So I was like, "Holy crap Sheldon it's 9:30!" so I got dressed and let him in.

We played Twilight Princess for a while, and he helped me with like half the forest dungeon ( though we couldn't figure out the boss key gate and Steven did that for us ) then we decorated my lovely cake, which turned out quite fantastic. It was a devil food cake with vanilla frosting, a whipped cream border, and strawberries placed around it in the whipped cream. I thought it looked great and was really proud, but Steven said it was poisonous and Ricky said nothing. >___> ( That's right, I'm still pointing at you. Lol )

I cooked us some grilled cheese sandwiches, but I burnt one of them a bit, then Ricky and Steven arrived. ( To which they simply walked in and didn't even bother to knock. XD; ) They asked us about the smoke. X3 So then they had to have grilled cheese sandwiches too, but I was too lazy so Steven did them. This weekend made me realize that Steven is a good cook, and I never would of even guessed. >_> Of course Ricky still wanted to cook everything, but we can't let our little imp near the stove. xD He'd blow the house up somehow.

So we had grilled cheese, cake, and ramen in that order. We played Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Tales of the Abyss ... although Sheldon was the only one who could actually play Resident Evil 4 well. We did other stuff too though, like when Ricky kept miming to kill people, I just said, "FINE YOU WANT ME TO DIE THEN I'LL DIE." so then I faked dying and they all had to drag me to my room ( which was apparently the coffin room ) and somehow Steven died too. They wrote "Neko and Kuma lies here RIP" on my door, which is still there and I need to wash off. >_>;

Then me and Steven turned into zombies and chased them around, and they shut themselves up in my room to fend us off. xD I eventually forced my way through though because I used a clever strategy. B3 ( aka pushing against the wall with my legs ) then we were purified or something. xD Oh, but then later on at the table something stupid happened so I stalked off to my room and Sheldon followed me, and Steven was already there asleep on the floor. o_o; I was in the closet for a little bit, but then I got tired so I stole a spot on the bed and fell asleep next to Sheldon.

My brother's screaming eventually woke me up, so then me and Sheldon went downstairs to go on the computer and I showed him my youtube videos and we sung karaoke with my J-Pop songs. xD After that we went back upstairs with Ricky and Steven, and I found a CD and put it on and we danced for a bit then we went to the store. Sheldon still the cat ears on too. XD;

We were in the store for a little while. I got these sugar strip things, Ricky got Reese's, and Sheldon and Steven got slushies. The area outside was so slushy and wet that we all got drenched pretty much. xD My feet were soaked through, and because I fell down, so was my pants up to my knees. That whole time we were supposed to be roleplaying Kingdom Hearts, but I was a little lazy. x3 I got fangirl japanese crazy and started singing some marching song I made up.

Ichi ni san
Ichi ni san
Ichi ni san
Motto motto motto!

Ichi ni san
Ichi ni san
Ichi ni san
Motto motto motto!

We got home and then we danced some more, except Ricky who said he'd rather not go deaf from the loud music and read manga in my room instead. We tried to play the music - I was the vocalist, Sheldon was the pianist, and Steven was the guitarist. For some reason it was really fun and we went through all 19 tracks on the CD. ^_^;

When we were finally done, Ricky came back out and we all played more Twilight Princess. Well, actually, we were watching Steven at this point. x3 We set up beds in the living room and eventually just fell asleep. I slept near the coffee table, Sheldon slept next to the big couch, Steven slept on the big couch, and although Ricky was going to sleep on the little couch he ended up sleeping under the table. xD ( I wasn't originally going to sleep in the same room, but I said to hell with it. I would of ended up falling asleep there anyways. My brother said I was wierd for sleeping in a room full of guys. >_> Whatever, I trust them. ) Well, all of us except for Steven, who was up until like 4 in the morning playing Twilight Princess. It kept me and Ricky up. o_o After he beat that forest temple I was just like, "That's enough. -turns it off-"

I woke up around 8:30 to find out I was the last one up ( Of course xD ) and Sheldon had done the dishes for me. I felt really bad because I was supposed to do them. O_O He didn't have to, really.. x_x I really appreciated it though, because it sure saved me alot of work. Well, me and Steven cooked up eggs and toast for everyone, and then we watched ( mostly ) Sheldon play Resident Evil 4 while we ate, and then eventually they had to go. That was like 10:30-ish.

I regret saying they had to go so early because my parents didn't even come home until 4:30-ish. ( Yeah, they weren't allowed to stay over to begin with. xD So they had to leave before the parents came back ) I just played Twilight Princess by myself until pretty late. Got halfway through the fire temple. ( Maybe even more then halfway, I dunno. x3; Past that huge goron guy whom you get the bow for beating. Took me a while to figure out how to beat him for some reason. )

Anyways, phew, that was a rather long entry! Now I think I'll go play some FFR. Practice makes perfect! Sayonara for now~

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Xayide Estrada
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Mar 27, 2007 @ 01:58am
YAY I'm a good cook. I so badly wanted to get to the next temple but you had to shut of the game cube eh eh.

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