Anabella has always taught me to think that life is like a flower, or her personal favorite, and one of my top three. Life is like a rose.
I've always looked on the down point of view until some friends of mine either A. hit me B. threatened to hit me or C. completely ignored me until I started thinking postively. Anabella being one of those awesomerific friends, her hitting me. She tells me when ever I'm feeling down that life is like a rose, during spring or sometimes in fall the rose begins to bloom and starts a great season off with goregous red petals (or pink, yellow, or white). As the rose becomes more beautiful it begins to get colder out side or too hot that it starts to wilt. Life becomes rough, and your spirit becomes a little on the down side. The wilting continues and then things get even rougher. The roses try their best to pull through but sometimes its just good to let things go. Their petals begin to fall to the ground and drying up. But Anabella says when something dies, new and better things will come out of it later when you have a good out look on life. Then spring comes again and larger and even more roses will appear.

So I guess this whole year for me has been my rough time like the rose but I've have a better thought about it and I know that next year will bring greater things my way.

Love, Kitty ^_^