OMG. This song. I don't know it's name. I can't even tell you the lyrics. But it's '80s train-coming-down-the-line TOOT TOOT. <3
Pseudo-country. XD

Which reminds me of the time we did ballroom dancing in school for a semester as part of Phys Ed. XD (We were the first and last year to do it too: they got rid of it the year after because parents were complaining about student-to-student body contact. :/ YES OUR SCHOOL HAD A RULE ABOUT BODY CONTACT man sometimes Christians are lame. mad )

But yes. That reminds me when we learnt SQUARE DANCING. And I was getting all carried away in the part where you kind of 'hit hips' with your partner at the time and I gave all the boys bruises on their hips I sent them scurrying away so much. XD

Twas good times. wink

My computer is phailing tonight. gonk