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Punk and Music
I recently wrote a poem in psychology class about my depiction how punk is dead and though I would love to put that down as a journal I can't since I pretty much came up with it 5 minuets before it was due and sadly I can't tell if minuets is ets or tes.. XP
But I will give my general view on it since I would hate to loose it some where in my god damned memory. I felt like doing this after seeing all the idiotic comments on some of the Clash songs on youtube. This will go down as my opinion on most music nowadays.

Punk. It was an idea. That is all it is, an idea. The dream to be different from the every day normal life style. Dress out of whack and totally bonkers compared to the standard British or other pompous a** outfits that are considered popular. It was a movement first in the sense to show that the generation is something new, fresh, and sickly different. Along with this new idea came music. Punk music. Punk is now broadly used to label many bands but for most punk is ifsofacto, a variation version of jazz/reggae/classical. It was suppose to blow apart from the rock and roll scene in sound. It was a large underground grouping of bands and they were not supposed to fall into becoming cooperated under big record labels. But that is just the thing, isn't it the dream of any band to make it big? Doesn't matter who ya are, you want your music to be heard.

Punk is a contradiction. As is any group. Today it is Indie mostly. We are all gonna go against conformity. we will rebel. but in that very sense, a group is coming together to conform against conforming. They are hypocrites. Punk is hypocrisy to one of the highest degrees I'll ever understand. And I know I do it but we need to stop labeling music under genres. Leave as is, good or bad. If you don't like it then ok ******** it, and if you moves your feet then bitchen. I myself dislike a lot of new bands (Fall out Boy, Panic at the Disco) all these cookie cut front bands that all sound alike, look alike, and whether or not they are saying anything in their music it is all very "stamp" "stamp" "stamp."
Rap has no substance in its lyrics nowadays. Im gonna get head, and we will c** at the same time. Yeah there is some real fine music to listen too. What happened to the rap that meant something>? Like from the Harlem renaissance. Eazy-E, Dre, Snoop, Tupac, BIG, Run DMC, Ice-T, all had something more then just sex, drugs, and drinking in their lyrics. OF course it was there but damn man, they did talk about life and other situations.

ANYWAY. music is dead, Punk is dead, and one day I'll be dead. Can't wait for the bleak future to grace me with its presence

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    xd Even though I don't really like rap and acually like some Fall Out Boy and whatnot, I have to agree with you for the most part. 3nodding

    comment Akane Hariguchi · Community Member · Sat Mar 24, 2007 @ 11:56pm
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