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my life based on my team to work togther.
Naruto online chat room!
Reman_main_NiNjA has sign in-naruto
Cherry Blossom_~ has sign in
Fan_XX~Girl of the sand has sign in
BadX Boy has sign in
weapon girl 22 has sign in

Reman_main_NiNjA:Heyy Sakura-cHAN!
Cherry Blossom_~:Helo Naruto...

Hyuuga fighter has sign in

Hyuuga fighter:hey losers hey TenTen,how was your birthday?
weapon girl 22:i got a chainsaw and a new sroll.
Cherry Blossom_~ surprised h snap i hope she tries to kill Lee. xd
BadXBoy:Sakura,i woludn't say that if i were you....
Cherry Blossom_~:y?
BadXBoy:cuz now he is signing in now

Sakura-lover 101 has sign in
Hinata_shy GIrl has sign in

Cherry Blossom_~:WHAT THE F***
weapon girl 22:what?
Cherry Blossom_~:nothing
pokemon Ranger Jakie has logged on

ranger Jackie:is this ranger base or is this a ninja chatroom.??
Cherry Blossom_~:hey i know you!r you ranger jackie from the movie
Pokemon Ranger and THE TEMPLE of the Sea?!
ranger Jackie:why,yes pinked-hAIr girl.
BadXBoy:Sakura,who the hell is this person?
Cherry Blossom_~:.........the guy next door to you...

Fan_XXgirl of the sand:check sasuke she can be rite...
weapon girl 22:funny.go check sasuke.
BadXBoy:the person next door was an old lady with flub,and some guy name Gah.
plus she's like 60 something years old.and she is to sweet to be a pokemon ranger.
also,she can't be a ninja.so....people get the damn point...

Corrdinator_contest queen has sign in

BadXBoy:who are you?
Corrdinator_contest queen:i'm May of Peatalburge City...and who r you?
BadXBoy:i'm sasuke of the hidden in the leaves village and why r you here?
Corrdinator_contest queen:i duuno?

Elmo has sign in

BadXBoy:ELMO!who the hell is this?!i hate elmo!
Reman_main_NiNjA:sasuke,its just a stupid elmo.
Cherry Blossom_~:elmo is evil..well...sASUKE talk to that thing or something.
cuz maybe its a user that has elmo.so..sasuke....
BadXBoy:that elmo is a moron.
ranger Jackie:....r you guys talking about an elom...or somethin?
Hyuuga fighter:hey guys,why is that elmo silent than..its a doll or something?...

Barbie_be your girl has sign in

Barbie_be your girl:hey everybody!!
Sakura-lover 101:hey,Ino.
weapon girl 22:hey,Ino.everone is talking about elmo here.
Barbie_be you girl:I LUV ELMO!!!!
Barbie_be your girl has logged out.

BadXBoy:wow,now she is really a moron.like naruto.
Reman_main_NiNjA:and sasuke,you really r a emo.
Reman_main_NiNjA_:What was the word?oh yea You r an EEEMMMMOOO!!

new one coming soon

BadXBoy:where not done yet..

me:yah i no,but i'll finish this later.

Ranger Jackie:my god...i can never be on vacation only for one day.if you where a ranger,you do all kinds of missions.but at the end you earn it.but i luv being a ranger.
Corrdinator_contest queen:like on that manaphy mission.i miss my darling,manaphy.
elmo got discconected

BadXBoy confused Barbie girl,i mean ino..might have got him..
Cherry Blossom_~:you can say that again.like her shes a big fat pig.i mean it,don't you agree sasuke-kun?
BadXBoy:i do agree with you cute cherry blossom.
Cherry Blossom_~:what did you call me...
BadXBoy:i called you a cute cherry blossom because.....i lov...umm redface you.you
Cherry Blossom_~: heart heart how sweet...sasuke-kun...
i never thougt you wolud say that.i luv you too.

Haruno Sakura_~101
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    strange ending he would never admit that but OH WELL! It's cute! heart

    comment PinkAngel25 · Community Member · Tue Mar 27, 2007 @ 02:39am
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