My mother is downstairs watching her Filipino news.
Since I can't speak nor understand the language I don't watch it with her.

My back really hurts.
Although it's probably due to the odd angle I am sitting in right now.
My posture phails. lol

You know my favourite ever quote from a fanfic?

"Now Kakashi, I cannot imagine how … challenging it is to befriend someone who can cause the most confident man in Fire Country to question his sexuality. However, you should not let that be an obstacle!"
Gai, A Different Perspective

Mmm. I know it's not funny. But I laughed my pants off. whee That is a KakaIru (WOOT YAOI) fic. Although it's not very yaoi-ish at that...just a whole lotta of "hinthint nudgenudge". It started out pretty awesome, but then some freaking OC doctor was introduced and ruined it. gonk scream The beginning of it rocked though. I just hate how it petered out. stare WOE gonk

The whole Naruto fandom is overrun with horrible Mary Sues. WTF?! DON'T GIVE KAKASHI A DAUGHTER PLSKTHXBAI. mad mad mad
Actually, the Naruto fandom is overrun. Fullstop. gonk IT BURNS

Now, wontcha,