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Normal or Not?
Wanna know something odd?
(Questions on the Death and the Afterlife)
As a teenager, new to this somewhat adult world, you question things… or at least I do. And sometimes I wonder if others wonder the same things that I do. So here is where I will finally put down my reoccurring questions and of course I know some will judge and others may jest, but if I may ask, don’t say I’m not open-minded because I really truly am. It’s just nobody thus far has convinced me otherwise on my point made within this Normal or Not thing. So with that I leave you to read the rest of these and hopefully subscribe to my blog, because I’ll be adding more as time creeps forever on.

Normal Or Not (Questions on the Death and the Afterlife)

All my life I have wondered about death, not so much the whole killing ones self but in what happens after it. Is there heaven and hell, I don’t know. Reincarnation perhaps. Or complete and total nothingness, just emptiness into an eternal oblivion.

Does there truly have to be a hell, I mean does there have to be worse places than the ones that already exist? And heaven is a place even possible. How can things be all holly-jolly ALL the time… forever! Personally to me this would seem boring, nothing to surprise you even. Well, hey, maybe there’s a “to-each-his-own” heaven dealy, kind of like in “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. I don’t know, but I do know one thing and that is that this whole thing about the church telling others that they’ll go to hell if they don’t worship god at church if don’t reconcile with him AT CHURCH just has got to go, it all crap. Crap I’m telling you! Total and complete poo poo, caca, s**t!! Okay, I did go a little overboard with that, but it sure was fun to type! Anyways, the reason why it is incorrect is because, generally speaking, god just said ‘worship me’ he did not specify a place, day or time, he didn’t say ‘ meet you at the corner Hooters of 8th and Baker around 7 tomorrow to worship me got it?’ or at least not that I know of. Although, I know a few guys who do thank the lord at Hooters for short shorts and their uniform policy. Basically god said ‘worship me’ and man then, in turn, build a church and changed around gods words and said ‘worship me here at the church’. So it was man who built the church, god didn’t. No church has been shown to me with a sticker on the side stating “ MADE BY GOD”

With this begun the competing churches. Here’s a situation for you. Pastor 1 and Pastor 2 both build churches in the name of god. And both started out with the same number of people attending. So now we have Church A and Church B. After a few meetings, people have slowly drifted to one or the other church depending on how they liked the pastor. Then, one week after service, Pastor 1 said to Pastor 2, “ I had 14 in my flock this week, how ‘bout you? Pastor 2 responds that he only has 6 then they depart. Pastor 2 doesn’t want to be out done, so the next week he summons up so otherworldly thin that god does for the followers only in his church and after service his flock spreads the word about Church B’s god. And then Pastor 1, who also doesn’t want to be out done reiterates some other miraculous thin and so on and so forth until Church 3 joins the hustle and then so many things are out of whack and religion is one distorted ball of nonsense and absent of truth that others believe other things and wars eventually rage over whose right and whose wrong. It’s all crap and we have no use for it. Can’t we all just agree to disagree? I mean really, what are we 8, 9?

But anyway, my train went waaaaay off the track, sorry ‘bout that. Now back to death and the afterlife. Next topic, reincarnation, now this to me sounds more soothing to hear. This could partially account for déjà vu of past lives and senses of meeting other people before and whatnot. But yet again, if magick kind of puts a hole in your boat then this theory may not be for you. I like it, but now that I think about it, how would you go about reincarnating, is it like you go up to see god at the pearly gates and he can’t make up his mind whether you belong in heaven or hell so he send you down for another go around? What if that long dark tunnel you travel down before you reach the light is the birth canal and that light is the outside world and you’re being reborn and the shock of that wipes your memory! I don’t know, I’m just tossin’ out ideas. But then again this also seems c**k-eyed because we as humans think logically and there is little to no logic in this accept maybe in religious science, which is an oxymoron in itself.

Now if you look at nothingness into oblivion it seems to fit logically, I mean, your brain stops and your heart stops, your technically and clinically dead! If the brain stops, you can’t record data or even perceive it for that matter, unless it’s not our brains that house…US. Our soul perhaps? But you can look in medical textbook you can’t find soul in the index, no location; it may not even be real. No human has come out and said he has a soul floating in a jar somewhere, so what if it’s non-existent? But it also seems like such a waste, having this life then… nothing. It would be odd, wouldn’t it?

Then there’s that whole Matrix trip that we may just be dreaming of a non-existent reality, while in the real-world we are an energy source for machines of other things. This is just plain creep and it scares me when I think about it. But it does explain déjà vu a lot. But I’d hate to believe such a scary concept.

Well, that all I got for you know. My next blog will be posted as soon as I write and type it. And I can probably guarantee that it will be as obscure and mind-boggling as this one, and If you’d like to comment on this one go right ahead I’m open to discussion. Just let your mind move you fingers as you type it, free-flow your thoughts.

Edition 1 of Normal or Not
By Arwyn (this is my pen name)

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    Nice. blaugh I agree with a lot of that.

    comment Okami Ameras · Community Member · Fri Mar 23, 2007 @ 08:54pm
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