Am I the only one who works for a ******** moron?

I found out as of today the deli staff or no longer allowed to use gloves. We have to use our BARE HAND when handling the meat you're going to eat! The only time we're allowed to use gloves is if we have an injury or we're spitting chickens. It's utter BS!

That's...ugh! That's so unsanitary that I refuse to even buy meat from Superstor or Extra Foods anymore! We're going to get yelled at for not wearing gloves and the reason behind it.

"We want our employess to practice the washing hands regularly routine." stare Give me a ******** break.

Note to all tell your parents your grandparents everyone. NEVER BUY MEAT FROM SUPSERSTORE OR EXTRA FOODS.

It'll be handled with bear hands from people you won't even know if they washed them....utterly sick!