Well, I'm updating, again. What an odd month this has been and yes, I should update more often, but I'm lazy.

I haven't been posting that often on Gaia, I don't know why. >.<! I guess I've become a lurker. Not that there's anything bad with that, of course.

I've also recently begun work on a few stories/short-stories and if they're good enough, I may post them in the subforum whose title I can't remember in the Writers forum (awesome forum) but I don't think I'll post them, unless I find them to be super good.

Wait a minute-- Super-- Good? Nyah...

I surprisingly, haven't got much that I feel like typing about, which makes me sad since I hate making my journals terribly short, not that many people read them of course! I just like writing in them for the sake of doing so since I hate looking at it being all empty. n.n'''

Well, I'm off to do bigger and better things, actually, not really, but I'm still off. <_<