Today is St. Patrick's day, the day where everyone celebrates being Irish and getting drunk. =D I won't get drunk, but I AM Irish ( Not the country, just in heritage ) so I shall wear green with pride today.

Going to Sheldon's for ToA night. It was supposed to be at my house, but parents said next week instead when they're gone out of town. x3 I think it's funny they trust the guys enough to be here while they're away, they must really like them.

So, this week was March Break, and hoooo boy I had a lot of fun. <333 But now's not the time for explaination. At the very tip of the weekend ( Sunday ) I shall be more detailed about it. For now, I'm off to get ready and hope that my brother doesn't steal the internet for his X-Box live again ( That boy goes fsking nuts where that X-Box is involved )

I'm hungry-su. ;-; AWWAAAY. >w< -poofie for now-