Hi Everyone,
A micropause is a very short break that one can take when working at your desk or computer. It is a very important method of reducing the chances of developing an occupational injury at work. About a year ago I had to go on sick leave as my neck had frozen due to sitting at my desk for long periods without taking the appropriate breaks. A micropause need only be 20-30 secs and could involve looking away from your computer or carrying out some simple stretching exercises. I will write more on this later.

In the mean time check out http://www.cheqsoft.com/break.html . I have been using this tool and it really helps me manage the micropauses and longer breaks. I need something to FORCE me to take the breaks! The demo is free to download and as far as I can see you can keep using it without having to pay for it. Although you need to restart it daily to keep using it.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!