This is mainly for myself to keep track of which fish helms I still need to buy xD

User ImageDesired Fish HelmsUser Image

Frozen Rainbow Helm heart MyaoMarjoly
Cool Rainbow Helm
Warm Rainbow Helm
Black Rocque Helm
Blue Bass Helm
Brown Bass Helm
Green Bass Helm heart [Riya]
Food Chain Silver Striper-Bass-Guppy
Food Chain Green Striper-Bass-Guppy
Food Chain Blue Striper-Bass-Guppy heart moritaka_kazeko
4x Blackrocque Helm
Black Rocque Helm
Blue Stone Helm heart MyaoMarjoly
4x Bluestone Helm
Pyrite Helm
4x Pyrite Helm
3x Yellow Guppy Helm
3x Red Guppy Helm
3x Orange Guppy Helm
Spicy Tuna Helm
Dicy Tuna Helm
Icy Tuna Helm
Sand Boldur Helm
Slate Boldur Helm
Stone Boldur Helm

Current Funds: 4164g

heart = donated!


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