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Random Blabs
Hehe ... well, i dont really know what to say, i thought, heck , why not try and make my own journal and do my blabbing here, at least no users will go "STFU!" ... lol i dont but yeah ... here it goes By the way, try to turn up the sound please..
Dev's Ultimate Guide in Exchange
Dev’s Ultimate Guide to the Exchange

If you want to be the ‘centerfold’ of the Exchange – you have to be BOLD. I don’t mean have boobie pic auction thread – I meant something with a little more decency. I’m talking about be like a grizzly bear – savage, intimidating and over competitive. Exchange is nothing like a momo – it’s no monkey business.

Here’s a few tricks I’ve picked up in Exchange.

EXCHANGE MOTTO - PIXELS >> FRIENDS [ Pixels Over Friends ]

BE EXCESSIVELY RICH – well, in Exchange, a person who has the most items gets attention - instant popularity. In order for you to be rich overnight, befriend the rich and famous, give them gifts, suck on their toes and beg for dear life to let them lend you items to glitch. Heh… works like a charm.

FAKE HACKING / MISPRICED ITEMS – well, everyone knows this is the fastest way to make everyone recognize you and get pity gold. I've been seeing people saying they mispriced something, which happens to most of us and make such a big deal about it to gain sympathy.
E.I2. "HO SHII! da benk it meh eytem 22!!1@2!! hilp mi !!"

GET SCAMMED - This has been made famous by someone...well... famous. First, cry for being scammed and inform everyone how great you were before the scamming hit, people will donate and then, once you get your items back from the admins, DONT RETURN THOSE DONATIONS, well, afterall, they are donations and to salt the wound, BRAG YOUR WORTH!

START DRAMA – well, just pick anyone famous in the Exchange and just talk about how bitchy and arrogant they are, make up your own s**t too, it always get the attention no matter what.
I suggest start with Jessyta.
I.E. “Jessyta ish suc a bery min persuun, she no frend pur ppl, she nub.”

EXCESSIVE AUCTION – Hell… auction your toes, boobs, panties, bra, cuticle, you name it! Make sure you specify that you are doing this to help out a previously hacked/scammed friend of yours. There is still a few people who will donate, grab their donations and run to your mule!

FAKE PICTURES – Well, everyone in Exchange especially the guys appreciate beauties. Just google up some fake hotties’ pictures and claim it to be yourself. Aim for the rich and generous one. Or you could refer to them as your GF/BF in RL.

USERNAME - Let everyone establish a name for themselves then COPY their name or something close to it - it gives you an instant popularity by being hated.

BE A WOMANIZER / PIMPETTE – Everybody loves a person who has good ways with word. Compliments sure take you a long way. Date here and there and I bet you, people will talk about you! HIT ON ANYONE WITH A HEARTBEAT.
I.E. “ILU, merri me plz, kthxbai”

FAKE HALO THREAD – if you are attention hungry, this one never fails. Just start taking offers on angelic halo and people who wears an angelic halo, even the fake ones, will come.

BE A NOOB – Just ask donations and beg for gold. You’ll be hated but you’ll be talked about. Also, PremiumHeart's suggest to advertise into other people's thread that you're either questing or selling something.
I.E. “don8 2mi plz !!2!211!12@!1@@! I bin qwestin fur dis 4 lung tyme.”

BE AN a** / DICKFACE - Some people has an atttitude adjustment problem - this is what makes an Exchange the best place to be. People who deliberately make trolling threads, like ******** buy my stuff and such. And then get idolized because they say every sentence with a swear!

USE OBSCENE NAMES - Well... this is self-explanatory.
I.E. cuminmyfaceplz

FAKE DEATH / MISFORTUNE - Well... who wouldn't want an angelic halo to commemorate a love one, right? Now, this also same with the hacking/scamming but a bit original. Fake threads actually fall under garnering sympathy. Because there's always some sort of thread decrying something that was horrible in their so-called lives, from the GAIA related to something that has nothing to do with it.
I.E."Omgomgomg lyke, My grandma/puppy/mom/goldfish died. Give me s**t."
I.E2. "my mom is dying of lung cancer"

LOW LUCK RATIO - Making impossible-to-win dice contests (I.E. Roll 10, 10-sided dice, and winning numbers are 1 and 100.) to keep the thread on top and havin' the n00bs posting again and again to try to win.

QUITTING THREADS - Oh Exchange wouldn't be Exchange if there is no someone making an "I QUIT" thread. For all we know, they just move everything to a mule. Hey, this works, especially if done excessively.
I.E. "ey kant git a halu - i qwit !!"

BIGGEST INVENTORY THREAD - Well, this one, if you want to have your thread to get plucked with exchangers, have this as the title even if you are just selling starter set.

DONATE TO RICH PEOPLE - Donate 5k to someone you know is popular, and then make a HUGE deal about it when you ask for donations on your own quest.
I.E. "ey so ginerus ey gib [Nemo] guld, hi no gib me bak aytem , hi bi bery chip dumass"

START A 1k SHOP - This one? IT SURE DOES WORK. Just take my word for it. I'm the best example for this one. You'd give out an image of being generous though you're just actually taking donator's items to give out. You'd be popular for being generous and always getting your thread bumped.

START AN ANTI-INFLATION - Anti-inflation and 1k shops are different. People misunderstood that. Anti-inflation is threads dedicated to fight inflation, selling items at the amount before the inflation strikes while 1k shops are charitable threads. First thing to do is, b***h at the ongoing enigma called artificial inflation, restrict people from buying artificially inflated goods and manipulate or order people that they must sell their high end items to the lowest possible amount before the artificial inflation struck.
I.E. "ey no bye yer eytem dey inflayid so muc , ey no bye it !! u shud sell eet 4 lew lew"

PAYMENT PLAN - Not many of us are born lucky to have millionaire friends on Gaia. Just go into one rich sale thread and just beg them to sell you the items on layaway. Make sure to inform them that you will sign yoru life away and have moderator involved in such transaction.
I.E. "Offer payment plans
Lyke.. I'll buy your DTail for 10million goldz.. I can pay you 1k every week plzzzz T__T!!11!!111 "

CAPITALIZATION - Well, if you want to get your point across the Exchange, typing all in caps and in big bold font sure gets everyone's attention but if you want to piss some people off especially the capz nazi... TyPiNg LiKe ThiS SuRe GeTs ThEiR UnDieS in A BiNd.
I.E2. "pLiZ DuNaytE GuLd 2 dA PuR mE PlZzzZ"
THANKS TO NYYanksH8r and Radioactive.Cheeto

BE A COPY CAT - Be a second grade copy cat. Steal someone's idea and claim it to be yours and argue/debate to them that it is infact yours and have one of your mules to stand to be the witness.

SELL COMMONS - Well, in order to be the best exchanger, it's all about profits... so why not sell commons above the store price, just link them to the market which is highly inflated and tell them thats the value of it. You could also try selling commons items the moment they come out in the market higher than they actual value, some people do buy them.

BE A FAKE MOD - So not everyone can be a moderator but hanging out in Exchange makes you think everyone is. Don't be surprised to get tons and tons of "SUSPECTED HACKING" PMs from fake mods. Some people do fall for this... makes you wonder if you'd pity or laugh at them.

ART OWNAGE - Taking art out of someone's signature, and saying you bought it yourself. Go for the one with a known artist on their signature. Make sure you fight for your dear life and claim it to be yours till the end. Do not backup.

PRICE GUIDE: It doesn't matter that there's 10 other ones. As long as your prices are just a little bit higher, that's all that matters. Make sure you emphasize that you upgrade it all the time and it's an accurate as cupid's arrow.

PICS ON SIG - Well, show to everyone what kind of person you are made off even if its shocking. The more shocking it is, the more attention-grabbing it will be. It'll be the talk of the moment, guaranteed.
THANKS TO Llwelyen

OUTBIDDING - Everyone wants someone who is ballin' so outbid everyone by 1g tops. Let see what kind of reaction you'll be getting.

RANDOMLY ADD RICH GAIANS - Just randomly add the rich and famous, you need pure luck when doing so. Most of them have friendlist OFF. But when they do add you, just make sure to inform everyone you are in the COOL LIST.

SELL CRAPPY ITEM - We all hate having to move out of the Exchange so why not create a selling thread even if you're just selling starter set to keep your thread in Exchange so you wouldn't have to go to WANTED forums.
I.E. " ay u, i sill kul bagy klothes, bye eet!! bayin wid twintey meel !!"

BUY LOW/SELL HIGH - This is the ultimate way to gain pixelated richness. Make sure you value your items extremely high while you value other user's offer ridicuously low. You'll be consider an "1337 Exchanger" in no time. [ Your Item = > MP || Their Items < MP ]
I.E. "yer oh em gee is liss dan may naytmer skarp, its 2 luw - nu dil !"

ART WHORAGE - Take a nubbie but promising artist under your wing, make them do auctions for you, take half the profit even though you didn't do jackshit, and MILK THEM FOR ALL THEY'RE WORTH b***h. >D

CELEBRATION THREAD - Make a bday/anniv thread in the exchange and remember to sell starter sets or some other noobie junk and make a huge scene about it asking for tons of art and pixels as gifts.

RANT THREAD - This one always get attention, just rant/b***h/moan at anything that you may think of. I suggest ranting about Akari moving your threads where it supposed to be or rant about why your dog barks instead of it meowing. Something! BE CREATIVE.
I.E. "Dem eet, Akari mob muh thrid 2 chatirbux, ey hayte er !22!!12!"

SIGNS: (this kinda only works if you're a girl, not to be sexist) Most guys love a snap of random girls Bras with their Usernames on it. I mean, heck, one guy gave Silver Moon an Angelic Pendant for one!! Like, holy crap!!!

SNIPER - Well, some of ur hates posting in wanted forums or actually start our own thread in Exchange so why not be a lurker Exchanger? It's those users who finds a good deal and send message to the seller offering a little bit better deal than the one who posted on the forum since noone can see their bid but the seller. thus, no one can outbid. Pretty smart tricks if you ask me.

INSTRUCTIONS - Most of us hates being told what to do, so when you go into the forum, make sure you totally disregard what the seller wants to do, it gives you an edge of being a true Exchanger - A BADASS STATUS.

MULTILINGUAL / BIG WORD -It's cool and exotic. Amaze your rich friends by speaking 50 different languages and use words that is discombobulating when in fact you're just looking them up online. Try Dictionary.com

QUEST ITEMS - Moan and whine over your SO DESIRED ITEM. Someone will eventually get tired of your whinning over it and give it to you, then u can start whinning on your next one.

'03...MY PRECIOUSSSS: You don't have an 03 item? LOSER. Get as many as you can and equip them quick, because you aren't a true 1337 exchanger until you shower, sleep, read, eat, comment, kill, and drool in them. The taste of your outfit may be in question, but never the price tag. *chaCHING*

BE A BALLER - Spend here and there so why not offer on people's stuff that aren't even for sale. I suggest offer what they have on and show what a true Exchanger you are.

QUOTE - So everyone needs some cool points, just pick any prommie and quote anything they said [even if it doesn't make sense] and post it on your signature. YOU'LL GAIN ADDITIONAL 10 COOL POINTS.

SELECTIVE SIGHT - Exchangers have selective blindness and cannot read such phrases as [don't send trades, no pure, pure only, no pms (insert any sale related regulation)]

MYSTERY CONTEST - Just make a bump contest, in a quest thread of yours, with prizes but have gift boxes showing as prizes...then put a bump number to it. This always attracts some noobs and it always gets you more donors as they bump. Never make the items all that great but put comments like 'You are going to like your prize!' as they bump (makes them want it more) the more you brag about the gift the more they try to bump to the box with the highest number.
TY Sheramaru

Make huge Ultimate Guides To Exchange Success like this.


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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Mar 13, 2007 @ 11:21pm
Your comment's virginity is mine I said so. xd

And kudo's for you Devy kun. xd heart I like this guide lol. xd

commentCommented on: Sun Mar 18, 2007 @ 09:17pm
Wow, very helpful.
Thanks much.

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Mar 22, 2007 @ 05:21am
ive only read this halfway, but LAWLS.

commentCommented on: Sun Apr 22, 2007 @ 04:30pm
nice one, dev. XD

it sure made me laugh when some actually tried those silly stuffs. haha! special mentions. whew!

Community Member
The Sexy G
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Oct 22, 2007 @ 05:05am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Lol, funny!

These are going to my guidelines on how to be a p***k in the exchange, but still get noticed.

(No diss intended, I just feel that.. in order to do half of these you need to just.. be the most.. annoying person ever. xD)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

commentCommented on: Thu Jan 17, 2008 @ 03:01am
ahahahah i cannot understand half of your examples

Community Member
Blinding Waffles
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jan 23, 2008 @ 10:35pm
Amazing, amazing. (;
True Exchanger right here.


commentCommented on: Sun Mar 02, 2008 @ 03:50am
Lol that is awesome! rofl though it does hurt my eyes to read the I.E. xp

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun May 04, 2008 @ 06:58am
User Image

I can't help but laugh. That was great ^^

commentCommented on: Tue May 06, 2008 @ 10:44pm
User Image

omg, I just made millions from this guide!
Thank you!!

rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl

thanks for the good laugh Devon.

Curiously Morbid
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed May 14, 2008 @ 07:36pm
ROFL I already feel a grizzly. Great guide! Would certainly be helpful xD

wud u l3t meh gl!tch ur HALO domokun

commentCommented on: Thu May 03, 2012 @ 04:56am

Community Member
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