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~a t o m s k~'s wicked and weird adventures!
This is basically the same of what i used to put in the LiveJournal, but since i didn't went there anymore, I'll put all the stuff here.
It's raining men, Hallellujah. aka Okata!
It's Raining Men, Halelujah

s**t yeah, yesterday, yesterday was one the weirdest day of all my freaking life. Let's go step by step.

It was some years ago, when i was entering the university, i met a guy named Alejandro, aka Filo. We quickly became very good friends. With him, we made the most craziest things, for the sake of fun. Those things were things like having our faces painted with crazy patterns, clown styled, and then we made our way home. Everyone stared at us and yelled a lot of things. Other time, we went to a girl friends house, that night take place a girl's night party. And since we wanted to be in one of those, at least once in our life, we dressed up like gals, and i wont detail anything else. Once more, it was a morning after a long night of roleplay, and we decided to throw one of the sofas of his house through a window. And other time, he rode a supermarket cart, and then some guys and me pushed him until he reached a Mach30 speed, then he hit a wall and almost died. But yesterday's story is completely different from almost all of this experiences. Excepting one of them, guess which.

Back then...

'OF COURSE YOU WILL DO IT! You promised you will do it.'

It was the phrase we heard for something like 1 hour. We weren't in mood to do it. But after all we did it. I weared a ultra-tight girly sweater, and he weared a black girly long sleeved shirt (with is one of my favorite clothes) and a super fashion jacket. And we were inside of my car, at the corner of the street, so close of our destination. We stayed inside the car for almost one hour, because neither me or him willed to get out of the car, to cross the street and get inside... 'The Rainbow''! one of the most famous gay discos in the city.

'It's now or never, besides, we're both hetero, aren't we? What could happed? To have a 40 year old Texan senior kissing or spankin us?' Was the main factor to keep us inside the car. But finally, we WENT OUT. But we couldn't get to the door! We, specially me, got freaked when we were in the mid of the way, and hide between some parked cars. We were arguing about what should we do: to getting back to the car, or going to the place, or changing the clothes. Meanwhile, every single person who walked nearby, unvariably stared at us, some others yelled us thing like 'Honey! Mommy! Sweetie! Let's go ********!' And that sort of things. We looked like to whores staying in a corner waiting for a ride. Man, the gay guys thet were heading to the place kept staring at us too! Surprised or willing to do something weird! Then we got tired of those things and ran dashed back to the car.

Once there, we changed the damned clothes and we went out once again. Determined to get inside. Then we walked to the other way, walking around the block to arrive from the other side. But first we went for smokes. Have you ever heard of them? No filter and rice-paper. The most manly of all the commercial cigs here in Mexico. Well, we were at the gate and the guy at the entrance asked him for his ID, of course he didnt had one, a guy stealed it away from him. But since we were charming, we convinced the guy to let us pass. It worked when I winked at him.

Once inside the place... everything happened very fast. The first emotion when we put a shoe inside, was fear of course, but it quickly dissapeared, since nobody stared at us... for the moment. Then we headed directly to the bar and i asked for two beers. The girl at the bar asked me: 'You want two light beers right?' And then i said 'No thanks, i want them red, normal and tasty' She and some guys around me freaked out. How a gay should not drink a light beer? However, while i was waiting for my cash, a guy at my left side was throwing his arm very slowly towards mine... then, who seemed like the manager of the place, came and giveth me my cash, i fled. By the way, when i was waiting, some gals of the other side of the bar kept staring at me, sometimes giggling and sometimes just staring, as well a guy kept staring at me. But in those kind of places, i don't know what to feel, if honored, or i dunno how...

Then, yes, there we were. And we were drinking and smoking an suddenly... oh no! A friend of us! Suddenly, Soulez appeared. He recongnized us and we talked for a while. I fear the worst, to have him telling everyone we were there. But i think it dont make any difference, since we both are posting what happened. Let me say something at this point. At the beggining it was a bet. If once inside the place, some guy came to hook up one of us, he lost automatically. The main thing then was to avoid being hooked. The one who've lost, would be forced to write all his experience in all his internet journal, profiles and weblogs. But let be finish this story off so you can know why the heck i am the one writing this...

Then Soulez came back to work 'It was a pleasure' and dissapeared. I noticed that some guys stared at us while we were talking with Soulez, like wow! they know all the staff, did you saw? Occasionally, our eyes were sadly forced to stare to guy couples, deep throat kissing, some others dancing and some others getting their bodies so damn close... why would they do that mommy? We stayed a while in the same spot, listening some music and drinking, then we decided to go to some other spot to have a full view of the place. We found a spot with wide space and we stayed there. But suddenly, the couple of the cutie bishonen guy and the ******** old Ranger senior showed up again. And they stopped just by our side... and then we saw something really freaking. To tell the truth i've never seen a deeper kiss. And i feel really frustrated. (Haru, something gross awaits you). The kiss was like it follows: First, the boy was with his arms around his hun's neck, he was swinging his body with the music rythm, then the senior grabbed his butt and his head and he started playing with both. And then he pushed his face with a blind fury, i thought he was going to crush his head with the boys one! But no! It seems to me then the senior wanted to made a hand surgery, a thoat one, with his own tongue. Meanwhile, there were a lotta ultra obvious guys dancing in the stage with Britney and some other artist songs. Specially one of them danced pretty cool, if he were she. she swung his hips like a 'El Juego de la Pelota game' player (an ancient aztec game, precursor of the soccer and basketball, wich consisted of two teams, the field, a ring placed at high in a wall and a leather and rubber ball, sometimes harder than bone. In that game, the way of scoring was to have the ball passing through the ring.... without using hands, nor the foot... the players only were allowed to use their hips to hit the ball. You think it's hard? They were forced to score, because the winner team leader, at the end of the game, grabbed one of the Sacred weapons, and chopped losers team leader head, the the rest of the team was sacrified by priests) back to the main topic, the guy was histerically swinging the hips, and some other were rubbing their bodies and stuff.

The beer finished, so, we decided to leave. We fled.

Once away the place, we realized we had fun, it was a nice place after all, nor that im going back there ever. But the mood in the place was of total joy and men ?. However, honestly, we both are pretty respectful to gay community. I've got some gay friends, some in internet, some at live. And i can't get why they keep being discriminated. To tell the truth, some of the couples in the place seemed to be truly in love with each other. What's wrong in that? That's something they truly feel. C'mon, people are always afraid of things out of the system. Better to us! Ahem... to the rest of the straight guys! There are more free girls to them!

Well people, I'm leaving, Filo is calling me and i need to dress up to go to the Crossdresser's Contest! XD

Sore ja, mata.

~a t o m s k~
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    Haruko Umikawa
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Sat Oct 09, 2004 @ 04:37pm
    scream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!! groooooss!!!!!!!!!

    crying you betrayed me!!!... gonk you cheated on meee!!
    xd you understand now girls?... why we hate boys who keep staring at us?!?! stressed xd xd

    poor baby you're all freak out ó_ò ... i'm gonna hug you and kiss you today whee

    i love you!! 4laugh
    but next weekend it's claudia and my time to go to that place twisted ... and teach that giggle girl a lesson scream you bet i will!!! ... rolleyes maybe not...

    commentCommented on: Sat Oct 09, 2004 @ 09:26pm
    Sounds like you had a fun time , you and your buddies do some wild and crazy stuff xd !

    R e a f u
    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Mon Oct 11, 2004 @ 09:10am

    gonk mommyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!! crying


    no se que decir, pero weno sweatdrop

    commentCommented on: Sun Jun 25, 2006 @ 05:01am
    Ha. Been there, done that. Its quite fun.

    Community Member
    Aldos Kirin
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 08:24pm
    ~a t o m s k~
    'It's now or never, besides, we're both hetero, aren't we? What could happed? To have a 40 year old Texan senior kissing or spankin us?'



    Oh, El Horror...

    Y les gustooo, oigaaan? ESTABAN GUAPOOOS DE MENOOS?


    User Comments: [5] [add]
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