Please note that the entire journal is under construction. I'm trying to get things reorganized and prettier than they were before. ^.^;

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My Status: Trying to get things back together again

I try and be as active of a member on Gaia as I possibly can. To do this, I'm a member of guilds and run/work in a number of different shops. If you're ever looking for something like a guest colorist, please drop me a line! I can't take any more fulltime jobs, but I love to try new things once and a while!

Dice Dragons - no longer in operation
Dragon Kyns
Fuzzy Slipper Guild - I more or less lurk here, though I think the shop is dead anyways
Wasteland Hyenas Guild
Ranothor: Realm of Serpents [RP Guild for Wyrms] - *is bad and lurks here too*
The Dreams Within
Official Stardust Guild - this guild is closed, but replaced with another one
Misty Lane Dragons - The Guild
Kitsusagi Mountain

Luckers - Full Hiatus
I run, tag, and color for this shop. Original lineart was done by me, and I had an inkist help me finish it off. The tags were also done by a friend named Solstis, and later re-done by littlechickie. Thanks everyone for their unending support over there!

A Howl Brings the Rain - Semi-hiatus, still setting up
My newest shop to open, it's still in the baby process. I've gotten lineart from a friend for it, and have all the RP things up. It's going to be RP intensive, and is based around the concept of post-Wolf's Rain.

Dragon Kyns
I began here as a custom colorist when the shop was run by Kahyou. When Torpid Panda took over, I colored some freebies for raffles and made some items. When Torpid decided to leave, she left me the shop. I contacted Kahyou and then we co-owned it together. Now, Kahyou's taken a back-seat and is only doing cosplay auctions, the lineart, and some other coloring. I color, tag, grow, update, and run RPs for it - and I've even started editing the lineart!