How is everyone ( or anyone who reads my journals XP ) out there in computer-land?

So, yeah, Saturday was fun. Except for one part but I won't bring that up. We played lots of video games and stuff. I finally got to try Tales of Symphonia, and I was Colette. ^^ She's cute but she really can't fight. D: So we beat some book apparently, but good lord it took long, if I ever play I'm NEVER doing that part.

Then we played Naruto: Clash of Ninja II ... and me and Ricky played upside-down. XD Until the blood rushed to our heads and we had to sit up, lol. I lost so bad upside-down, but I guess I'm not too bad normally.

Then we watched Advent Children and Ricky and Sheldon wanted to act out the whole movie. XD They pretty much did, but me and Steven just said the lines. It was fun though I didn't participate much. Also wtf Sheldon's DVD player pwns mine, the disk didn't even lag once. XDD

Then we went to the store, and the snow was SO heavy. O_O We were drenched and covered in a thick layer of snow. Sheldon's head was covered so thick that you couldn't even see through it. Ricky and Steven kept brushing the snow off my head until I stalked away and said I was fine. x3 It was very pretty however, reminded me of Eternal Snow from Fullmoon.. I love that song. I even sang it too. xD Though very quietly and rather horribly and I'm not sure if anyone was listening and I hope not. >_>;;;

When we got back to the house everyone was completely drenched, then bla bla some drama I don't wanna talk about it... then everything was good again and we played ToA. ( Well, I just watched and drew pictures. x3 ) I drew Ricky the most horrible picture of crackwhore Misha. XDDD It was so funny but I felt bad about doing it because he was so horrified so I gave him a large piece of my Butterfinger ... then showed him the picture again. XD I drew him normal cutesy Misha too though. Misha is a fun character to draw, maybe I should watch Pita Ten.

Sooo I didn't want to leave early so I pretended I missed my bus and called my parents to get a drive for much later. They were a little pissed ( and I had to clean the house the next day -_- ) but it was okay because I got to stay longer! ^^ Though I was sorry I had to put them through that. I wish I could of just slept over, but Sheldon's parents wouldn't let a girl ... though it's funny that they let the guys sleep in Sheldon's sister room. >_>;;;

I was a little sad I had to leave, but I said my goodbyes cheerfully enough and gave Sheldon and Ricky a hug. ^^ Steven didn't come get one, but I suppose he had enough, what with tackling me all bloody night. xD

And that concludes the latest ToA night. This week coming up is March Break, and I can't wait! I hope we do stuff together.. well, if they want to, they might not.. we do spend Saturdays together, but you know, I love spending time with them. They're the most fun people on the face of the planet.

Alright, Neko says peace for now~