I hate retarded fanfics. And the people who write them. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Oh no! The Han is crumbling! Nearly 400 years of imperial legacy and now it's almost ready to die. The ancient land is in trouble and the people are getting restless. There has been reports of many revolts and uprising within many provinces and it will keep on getting worser.

I dunno who wrote that. Well, actually, I do, but I don't KNOW them personally or anything. And if I did, I would slap them so hard for not knowing that there is no such word as WORSER. Your spelling is WORSER than your goddamned so called humour fic. ARRRRRRRRGH.

And 'almost ready to die' makes me think of a pig hunt for some reason.

Ok. ENOUGH OF THAT. I'm in a pretty snitchy mood for some reason.