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Prattlings and Introspections
I don't write, I mean, other than brief text messages and plane logs, a quick jotted list here and there. But, I do think a lot, and hey, recording equipment can be used for more than just music, right? Who knows, eventually I may utilize some of
Request to Gaiaonline to look deeper Re: inappropriate ban.
First, an explanation as to why this is here.

I have put my angelic sash quest on hold. I have stripped down my avi, some people are questioning why, and I felt there was a good reason to answer those people.

I WILL Still complete the million token quest. Too many people are interested in it, and have put too much energy for me to not continue that.

My current quest is an angelic pendant. To replace Esclava's which she loaned to me. This is by far more important. The angelic pendant got lost because of gaia's banning an alternate account, truly my husband's accounts and my own alternates. The letter following is what I sent to gaiaonline hoping to potentially get the accounts unbanned (something seldom done, I've been informed)

I thank all the support my friends have shown me, and those that know I've worked for everything on any of my avi's and anything I have given away. There is no way to profit from botting as quickly as I profit from marketing. From my understanding of botting it takes over the computer, and you can't do what you would otherwise do. I use my computer for so much this truly is very much a inconceivable thing for me to have even engaged in. I am willing to answer questions via pm, and via aim for those of you that know my aim name. :shrugs: It's sad when you truly work toward goals you get hung for "cheating" especially since I've fought with many a scammer to turn them around to marketing, since it is so "easy" to gain most goals.

I guess there's too many people that prefer to cheat, and they can't tell that from those that would rather legally gain.. of course, if they reverse the ban, I'll be most happy to retract that statement.

The contact of the moderator, and the letter sent to inquiry@gaiaonline.com

` S a e
` S a e
` S a e
My husband and I had our accounts banned. This is really strange to me considering we had both taken our time to familiarize ourselves with the TOS and did nothing "out of line" in regards to TOS.

At any rate, I would appreciate if you would check into the reason and if this is a permanent ban, or if it's temporary and of course "why" they got banned?


I have emailed the "inquiry@gaiaonline.com" but still have not received an answer back. Thanks for the information you can provide.

You should have received e-mails on why your accounts were banned. Have you checked? ^^;

I have, in both my spam inbox and my normal inbox. There's been nothing received. sad This is why this is relatively disturbing to me. (I can not say he's checked his email.)

Have him check his e-mail just in case. I'll see what I can find. ^^

Sorry, didn't mean to send that blank. :/ I did speak with him and he hasn't received any email either.

Your accounts were banned for botting/profitting from botting. If you haven't already, you can fill out the GaiaOnline Feedback Form. heart

This is totally confusing to me.. It's as well very upsetting.

I have engaged in nothing "illegal" or against TOS. I had asked one moderator (the pm is in the account [deleted] saved area) about a script I had done for a slot room, that I only used for RSI. I asked if that was acceptable and they said since I as well chatted in the slot room that it shouldn't be a problem (I used that program perhaps three times and then decided if it might appear like "botting" I didn't wish to use it even with the moderator stating that it didn't seem like what I had described was what fell under botting.

I had chosen to not accept gold at all because I felt it was too "dangerous" due to exactly this potential happening. Therefore I don't believe I had any trades that came with botted gold.

Other than that, everything I did with these accounts, and my husband did with his was done by us, thinking beings, making choices to bid on specific items or whatnot, it had nothing to do with botting at all, it was not a program, it was simply cycling bids so the system didn't get hampered by canceling which I personally felt was harder on the system, or the five minute buy nows, which generated pms to be mailed out etc.

Your definition of botting from the rights & use page is

" Botting. Using an automated script, macro, or refreshing feature to post or surf webpages in order to generate Gold (Botting) is forbidden. The use of any software or codes to generate gold without the need for you being in front of your computer is generally considered as botting. Anyone suspected of botting will have their account banned. "

If you look at bid histories and such there is no way (of course, I don't know how to generate a program.. so perhaps it's just my stupidity here) to make a program do what we were doing, especially when you take into consideration it was not always a single gold above, it wasn't always in the same order, there was no "pattern" truly that we chose. Most times I believe we would go down the friend list, but I know for a fact on occasion I switched that around. The time between bids couldn't have been in specific segments, but I can't "prove" that because I can't show the trade logs, nor can I take a screen capture of those times.

We did look up in TOS to insure that bidding on an item at 1 gp interval or 10gp or whatnot wasn't against tos, and there was nothing in tos that said you couldn't bid on your own items from a different account. This was not something only reserved for bids on our accounts either, we would bid on other peoples items as well (not as often granted). This was not to generate the small 1-3 gp for page refreshes. This was done to not do 5 minute bid cancels because you didn't like the way people were bidding. Or, five minute buy nows that constantly were being put up until an item sold. (once more, for consideration of gaia's resources to try and still have marketing be successful as well as to keep from overburdening the system as can sometimes happen when the market gets flooded.)

So, because of consideration we're considered to have run a script, which it never was.. and careful notice of times etc should be more than adequate to determine that. (often having been halted in mid process of a run due to phone calls, distractions whatnot.)

I have no problem being told that this attempt "to not constantly put up short term bids is not infact helpful to the server" or whatnot, I would simply stop. But, to be banned for botting, which by your own definition this could no where be considered (imo, I don't feel we could be as finite as a computer program) and given a warning or whatever, but to be told that we've broken tos (when in fact we haven't, nor have we broken the "rules and regulations" is once more stating the service is too big to truly take accounts into consideration and "real term" true use aspects. If the market page refreshed itself in a java fashion so you didn't have to keep refreshing, I would be pleased as peaches. You could watch it like a stock program, but you are penalizing us for trying to be considerate, to both the gaia server, as well as other gaians that get annoyed with bid cancelling.)

I would request you to please dig a bit deeper and realize that to write a program to at all generate what we did would for one be too time consuming for "fake" gold. As well to unban the accounts. If any account I would please beg you to consider unbanning, [deleted] or returning an angelic pendant from one account to a user that loaned it to me, because she knew I wasn't the type to abuse things, and watched me LEGALLY earn gold through buying and selling. (In the guild from [deleted] you can read about the general ideas behind this. Once more, I have no problem not doing it again, I was trying to be considerate of gaia server resources and buyers, now I wont bother, I'll put up five minute bids and cancel, or five minute buy now bids and just continue to put them out until they sell. )

I would appreciate hearing something back as well.

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commentCommented on: Sun Mar 04, 2007 @ 08:18am
Funny, one of my inquiries about the accounts.. got returned today. sad To a very unsatisfactory answer (this was before I contacted the mod.. this is getting more and more confusing honestly). But, when I attempt to sign onto that account, it still says. "this account has been banned, please send any inquiries to inquiry@gaiaonline.com"

[the email]

According to our records, the account you specified appears to be not banned and in working order.

If you received a message that appeared to be from Gaia which asked you for your password and saying you are banned or would be banned, that was a scam by another user trying to steal your account. Gaia will never ask you for your password for any reason!

Your best course of action would be to fill out an official hacking report so the appropriate Gaia staff members can investigate:


If you cannot access that form, please use the hacking form below:


During the investigation, our staff will attempt to return your gold and items to you to the best of their ability, but please be patient as we are currently inundated with hacking reports.

Thanks for writing.

Muscular Baby
Gaia Online Member Services

[deleted] wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out why my account got banned. The account I'm
> asking about is [deleted]. Thanks for any information you can
> give me.

commentCommented on: Sun May 18, 2008 @ 08:27pm
Wow!!! A month and two days later (not to mention the year or so of patience.. razz ) who's surprised? Not me really. I am surprised my current account is still active :smirks: at any rate.. thanks gaia razz

[Gaia Ticket #xxxxx] [Activation Problem] Activation Problem Report From Daecian
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Gaia Online Customer Support to you - Mar 28

Sorry, unbans will not be possible. In accordance with our standard
moderation practices, your accounts must remain banned. You can, however,
create a new account, if you like.

On Fri Feb 22 12:32:08 2008, wrote:
> You have received a feedback message from Daecian:
> Name: Daecian
[deleted from letter]
> Message:
> Username: Daecian
[deleted from letter]
> Message:
> Maybe you're willing to once more look into inappropriate bans? Maybe
> you're not. I would really prefer to have these accounts unbanned.
> Mine are
[deleted from letter]
> My husbands were
[deleted from letter]
> If you don't feel like reading through the customer support, we fully
> did marketing, no botting involved, no programs, don't even know
> how. We're not kids, we read TOS, and rules and regs and nothing we
> did broke those rules and regs. We have real friends on gaia, we
> want to be active again, however you have made it bitter sweet. (it
> was even something we did with our kids.)
> Please unban the accounts. Show you Truly Care about your players. It
> certainly did generate some financial money for you. As far as my
> plea about the angelic pendant (If you do read the journal entry) I
> already replaced that to your member, so no one besides my husband
> and I were hurt through your quick actions and lack of
> consideration to look into the past. I've been patient a year.
> Please show your consideration of that patience by looking into it
> and seeing that it couldn't be botting

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