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Tails of a Warrior
I trying to think of interesting ideas for books. This just character stats and the like, I'll get to the good stuff in due time.
Magnus Distopia


Alufiend (The result a human and a powerful demon called a balor)

Magnus stands at 6'4" and perfectly toned muscles. Magnus' body and mind have been hardened in the harsh insanity of the Abyss, where he has lived most of his life. As a result of his demonic heritage, his skin has a red tent to it, and is scared in many places, a maker of his last encounter with his fiendish father. He has dragon wings that spand ten feet when fully extended, but can pull them in so he can put them under a cloak, makes close combat easier. His head is that of a human with short black horns, but can tranform it into that of a long horned lion when anger takes him completely. His clothing has a forsaken gladiator feel to it, with black light platemail leggings and boots. As for his upper body, he wears armor on his chest and back, for it would hinder his wings too much, but has battered adamantine armlet on his right arm and his whip(see below) wrapped around his left. On his lower back, just below his wings he strappes his battle axe(see below) Lastly he has a small pendant around his neck(see below).

Essance of Chaos Pendant:
Allows Distopian to make corrupted portals to the Plane of Fire, where he draws his power. He claimed this powerful artifact in his last encounter with the Abyss' fiends, a high balor(Insanely strong demon that can make entire cities crumble.) tried to stop him from going to the Prime Material Plane(What fiends call where people live.). After a long and drawn out battle with the great fiend his put his battle axe in its head and claimed the pendant as his own. As he find out later, the pendant grant him the power to become a full fiend for short periods of time.

Hydra's Vengence- Whip:
A many thronged whip with the flaming skeletal heads of snakes at its five ends. This was a weapon Magnus also gained from his from his fight with the gate guardian fiend, it is a sentient weapon that is perfect capable of moving on its own. Although the snake heads are skeletal, and flaming, they still produce a venom that paralyzes its victoms so that Distopian might terrorize the poor wretch that garners his anger until his last seconds. This particular weapon is very interesting in that it isn't singular minded, having five different minds, one for each snake head, each with its own personality.

Salamander- Battle Axe:
Salamander is a sentient battleaxe, forged in the fires of the Plane of Fire. It has a voice with which it speaks to Magnus, constantly hungry for combat. It was originally his demonic fathers until the axe abandoned the fiend for his alufiend son, sensing more potential in his hands.

-Has great offense in his own right, but with his weapons and equipment is deadly-
-Wings able to give him quick bursts of speed to struke down enemis and the ability of flight-
-Telekineisis spell so that he may lift opponents into the air and throw, will render some weapons near useless-
-Great reflexes-
-Still in development...-

-Transformation will temporaily exhast Distopian-
-Salamander can get carried away and temporarily take control of Magnus' body, very taxing on his mental energy taking back his own body-
-Extended use of The Essance of chaos can be deadly.

Magnus was not originally an alufiend, when he was conceived he was fully human, about to be born into a loving family of sorcerors, but then a fiend attack the city that his mother was living in and everything changed. Never one to run from a battle, Magnus' mother threw spell after spell at the beast, trying to stop the destruction. In the last exchange of magic the fiend shot her with a strange blast hadn't seen before, right as she release her banishment spell and sent the beast back the Abyss, and then everthing okay again. Then Magnus entered the world, shocking his mothers family profoundly, his grandfather wanting to kill the babe before he might grow into "some kind of monster," he almost did too, but thankfully Magnus' mother stopped old wizard before he could harm the child, swear that she would make sure that no one would find out about Magnus being an Alufiend. And so it went, Magnus' mother casting an enchantment over him that was supposed to make him look permanently like a human, and it worked, lasting eleven years, until one day. Magnus was playing with his friends when something started happening to Magnus, the fiend who used his power to warp Magnus into an alufiend was using his power to interrupt his mothers magic, causing the young boy to revert to his true self. His friends paniced and ran away screaming, then the city guard came up seeing everything, taking him to the city archmage. The archmage was Magnus' grandfather, and had come to love his grandson, but he still had to do what the king demanded, send the child to the Abyss.

Magnus would never forget the moment he woke in the Abyss, alone except for the fifteen foot fiend staring down at him, or what the fiend said to him, "Welcome to your new home, son." The first few years in the Abyss were filled with fail excape attempts and brutal punishment from his new father, which Magnus hated with all his heart. To keep the other fiends from beating him he started to train himself, building up his muscles for several years until he was eighteen, yeah, he had alot of time. Magnus then entered into tournaments, in which gladiators fought to the death while the fiends and demons watch and laugh. Young Magnus was a natural at hand to hand combat, and quickly clawed his way to a spot in which he could fight whoever he wanted, and there was but one fiend he want to fight, his fiendish father.

The fight was a fierce one indeed, lasting several hours, ending with Magnus the victor, but his father could not, would not, accept defeat from his alufiend son and called his battle axe, Salamander, and used the flat of the axe to knock Magnus down, then went about making jagged cuts and gashes on Magnus' body. Salamander, a sentient weapon, waas disgusted by its current wielder's childish way of dealing with his defeat, the weapon decided it was time for anew wielder. As Magnus' father was about to strike the killing blow, Salamander stopped its own momentum suddenly and super heated its handle, melting the flesh from the fiend hand. As the fiend dropped the weapon, it teleported itself to its new rightful owner, Magnus, telling him that he was the wielder of Salamander, and alos of a way to excape the Abyss forever. Magnus healed quickly with that welcomed news, for when he'd first woken up in this hellish landscape he'd vowed to excape and return to his mother, who he deeply missed. Now he had that chance to excape this hellish place, it was what kept him going. And so Magnus followed the weapons direction until he found a golden gate. He was almost touching the gate when there came a sudden warning from Salamander to dodge, which Magnus did, diving to the left and rolling to his feet to see one of greatest fiends to crawl out of the darkness, who guarded the gate.

It was a fight like no other, Magnus almost losing his confidense in his skill. Then Salamander took control of Magnus' body, making him more powerful than the guardian balor, who could not get out of the way of that one last downward swing to the head. After searching the Balors body for anything of value, finding a pendant of terrible power and a whip. The whip who he would later name Hydra's Vengence, was living five head whip, finding Magnus a curious one indeed to have killed their master, as if by a sign of the gods they joined Magnus as he picked up the pendant and coiling around his left arm telling him that they would join him where ever he might go. Then he crossed the threshold into the Prime Material Plane, he was free, free to do what ever he wish, free to find his long lost mother, and ready to cut down any who'd dare get between him and his goal.

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  • [03/02/07 01:36am]

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    ~~~~~~This sounds really interesting~~~~~~

    comment xXDont make me laughXx · Community Member · Fri Sep 07, 2007 @ 03:38pm
    I applaud your backstory pwnsomeness.

    comment Lily Venia Vitalis · Community Member · Sun Mar 15, 2009 @ 10:11pm
    User Comments: [2]

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