First week of uni is over! xd It only get harder from here... crying

But anyway. It SEEMS ok so far. I'll get all my homework done sometime tonight or tommorow, and it'll be even better. :XP:

Actually, yes, I'll have to get my homework done either tonight or tommorow, because Saturday's gonna be all CLIPSALCLIPSALCLIPSAL haha oh GODS I love motorsport.

I want to buy stuff, but today I spent over $200 on stuff for uni and I really need to keep my leftover cash for the races, because it's gonna be expensive even if all I buy is a hot dog. gonk

I mean to make fanlistings for Rick Kelly and Pang Tong and stuff but I keep getting distracted by this goddamned DW fic. It needs a goddamned name too. And I'm stuck. Hahaha. So I dunno. I might go back to making the fanlistings...but then again I want to make a DW fan fic site. Except I have no idea how I'm gonna do that gonk I don't know if it's a good idea to do it on my gifted space from Kass, though. I'm worried about bandwith more than space sweatdrop I'd rather buy a separate domain for it and host it separately from my personal site and fanlistings. But that requires money, something I haven't really got at the moment...

Besides. I haven't written the goddamned fic yet. I can hardly call myself a fanfic writer yet. gonk

I might dash off a one-shot about a slash pairing and post that up on FF.Net and refuse to look at it ever again. Hahaha.