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I haven't written in here in a while, but you can't really blame a guy. Ever since I graduated I have had more time to work and earn more money to buy more stuff and eventually move out of my parents place. I addition to my ever so lovely girlfriend which I love so much and spend more time with then at home or Gaia combined.

Ok, now for a very brief summary of everything I've gotten from the last time I posted:

- Everything I wanted out of the Transformers Classics line except the Walmart exclusive Devestator. ( My girlfriend's mother works at a Target and got me the Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp 2-pack).

- Everything I wanted out of Transformers Cybertron.

- Everything I wanted out of Titanum to date except Rodimus Prime. gonk

- G1 Duocon Battletrap

Now that I'm all caught up, let me tell you about my weekend. Thanks to the generosity of Sweet Amber and 2000Man, My girlfriend and I were able to attend the New York Comic Con. We went today and yesterday (couldn't go Friday since I had to work xp ) but it was an absolutely awsome experience for the both of us. My girlfriend has always wanted to go on a trip to NYC with me (but didn't expect it to be a comic book convention) and I always wanted to go to a Comic Con convention, but didn't have the time or the money to go to San Diego. The last time I went to a comic book convention at all was when I was still in high school and back it it was pretty small and lame.

However, this experience was even better then I anticipated. I was surrounded by fellow fans, I saw Kevin Smith and Stan Lee, I got my picture taken with (and had lunch with) Storm Troopers, the Guyver, and G1 Soudwave (massive highlight of my day), took pictures of my girlfriend with Pokemon, I got a Beast Wars Rhinox statue, a copy of Chasing Amy on DVD, a NYCC Exclusive Kevin Smith figure, a Toynami 1/100 scale of Max's VF-1J, a Master Grade Gundam F91, a V for Vendetta Guy Fawks mask, a bunch of free stuff and of course a bunch of Transformer comics! The best part is I kept everything within my budget! wink At some points, I thought my girlfriend was having more fun then me, but I was so happy to share this with her.

Once again, thanks Sweet Amber and 2000Man