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R.I.P daddy.. Luv u 4Ever
My brother Curtis wrote this i love u daddy. heart crying

R.I.P july 2005

I`v had many friends , only one will be missed most , and he is not with us today. This man raised me and took care of me to see I was looked after.his first vehicle was a wight datsun datsun truk. He loved me with all his heart ,and so his family, and I believe today he never stop loving his family. He shared a special relation ship with me that wrapped around me letting me know he really cared . He was my Dad also an uncle ,step father and a grandfather... My family and I will not forget him ...We all have memories of him that cant be forgotten.Cutting the ivy so the oak trees dont die , falling asleep to a movie before it gets half way through , his jurky stick shift driving that gave enyone how roade with him wiplash,also to his good sence of huemer,and how clean he keept his home and things ,and that darn speed stick smell that reminds me of home mixed with brut or head and shoulders shampoo , to his Mr.fix it nick name that he has defenitly erned. His name is Kirk , seems like when I say that everybody now`s how I'm talking about .He could fix a lot of things that were broken or needed servicing wouldn't bother him a bit just if the price was right , of course for me he would fix anything cause I was his son,all I had to do was ask him .From putting on breaks for a car or anything on a car he would research it and get it done the right way no question,to ripping out a trailer celling or a floor because of dry wrought and restoring it for a couple of bucks to saddening a radio back to life.He could do miracles with his hands . Also a gentleman and always good company. I remember living my early years with him , the times iv enjoyed most . I felt at home with him and how i wouldn't want anyone or anything to come between us . I always try ed to be the good little boy all the time like he used to call me . Another one he used to say was he`d call out C....u...r...d... y in another room and i would listen , laugh and wonder. It was a feeling of ,that we were inseparable .Also he would call me little boy blue. We were so close when I was growing up . I didn't know wy he would call me thous names , I think now , it was his way of saying I'm hear and not going to let anything happen to you. So don't worry . I can remember; all the apartment's we moved into that we made home , all the schools he enrolled me in , and the flash cards he made himself in front of me one day to teach me the times tables everyday after school tell I passed the test in 3rd grade , all the times he took me to the doctors when I was sick or the hospital when I was injured , every time we had gone to the store and held my hand to make Sher nothing happens to me , and every time we walked back from the store with groceries in the rain when we had no car. I felt proud to go anywhere with him , my dad was the greatest to me when I was growing up . He took me to my uncle Eric's and Aunt Renne`s house one Christmas , i`ll never forget in 1987 I think and I opened this present from him that was a lego jet , I loved that lego jet..... after that I was the lego maniac . I would sit or i`d Ly on the floor in front of our cable TV, will he would watch the history channel or some war documentary and I would build my version of a replica of a ship or plain from that TV show .When I was done i`d show it to him and he would tell me that it looks like the real thing.I was gaven a lot of lego`s to build stuff, like one of my alltime favorets the lego dragster my big brother and I raced all the time in our old appartmants on the conreet hallways. My dad introduced me to my half brother Jeremy when i was 7 and he was 10 . I thought things couldn't get no cooler , little did i know. So I have a big brother now . We get along fine and later on was of good use to me ,teaching me if there is something out there that i whant bad enogh , i`ll have to work for it. I thank him for keeping me out of trouble tell this day,and I owe you one brother.Also in 1993 my dad gave me a sister named heather niked named the heather huey . All of the time now I think of you dad I miss him the most and im having a touff time with this , ill get through it I cant Wait to have a proper funeral for him , I love you dad in tears....forever......................my hero......my best friend my everything a person could be....you will never be forgotten but forgiven and living

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