Okay, so I'm in History. xD Supposed to be writing a note but... meh. ( Hey, I'm doing it... on the side. >_> ) Kinda tired even though I got a nice long sleep.

Yeah, the night before I only had one hour of sleep because I was busy levelling on Flyff and trying to catch up to everyone. I kinda failed anyways though, I ALWAYS FAAAAIL! -drama-

We all got new accounts on Flyff that represents ourselves, and we're trying to level them. I'm NekoBrittany, Sheldon is SheldTwinTiger, Ricky is RickLoyalBlade, and Tyler is TMaster. We spent Sunday running around and leveling, ho-hurr. X3

... Nyang. So, I got home earlier then my brother for once yesterday. ( Was the weather ever nice yesterday and this morning! <3 ) Got on Flyff with Ricky and Steven, and Ricky showed me this big golem thing that was pretty cool, but we died. xD Then he wanted to fight it, but I had to go and I was sad, so I called Steve and bugged him for an hour or something. Then I fell asleep for the whole night besides dinner which I woke up to eat then fell asleep again anyways.

... AND I'M STILL TIRED. And hungry. I want my rameeeen! It's good stuff. Lunch won't be for another ... ano... thirty minutes? Dang. Well, now I'm rambling, huh? But what else are these journals usually about? Oh yeah, and I think this weekend's ToA night is called off because Steven told me the twin's birthday is this weekend. I don't know them, I think I met them once though, so obviously I will not be there but everyone else will. X3 ( Actually I don't think Sheldon will be either. Steven said first-aid training? ) But now would be a good time to do something with my other friends who I've been neglecting. XD I know Gab has been wanting to do something, and I miss Gab too! I'll ask her about it. ^^

Still, now I wanna visit Widdifield just because of that, though I know I can't. -_- When's then next damn festival anyways? We haven't gotten anything like that at all. Booooo. I'm glad the weather is warming up anyways, now I hope the next week and a half goes by speedily. I'll be bored until then.

Until next time~ Whoosh.