Ok. I decided I HAVE to write this goddamned DW fic about Sun Shang Xiang even if it kills me. So right now I'm taking down notes for personality profiles of the main characters (SSX, Liu Bei, Zhou Yu, Zhao Yun, Sun Ce...basically all my favourites razz , plus Gan Ning to keep the fangirls from killing me) while I wait to get raped by plot bunnies.

I have a basic, tangible plot in place. I've been reading up a bit on events and stuff and while it's definently not going to be historically accurate, or even politically correct, it should at least go along with the general gist of the Three Kingdoms saga. It's going to be romance/drama/angst/perhaps tragedy by the end (because eventually everyone dies :S) and while I'd like to have some humour in there as well, I don't think it's going to happen in this fic. Oh, I'll probably toss in a one-liner per chapter, just to lighten things up, because this is going to be so angsty it probably WILL kill me.

And now I have to go, because I think a plot bunny was hitting on me. OI. COME BACK.