I've been so great lately. Things have been fantastic! I've never had so much fun as I've had. I get to hang out with Ricky, Sheldon, and Steven every Saturday now and I'm so glad~ No one is greater then they are.

So, ToA night was at my house last Sat, but the funny thing is we didn't even play ToA. We were having too much fun. XD They came to my house and I showed them the picture I drew. I wasn't sure if I wanted to because I was so scared that they'd hate it or be creeped out that I was drawing them or something, but they really liked it! No has any idea how relieved/fantasically happy I was. Infact, they liked it so much they tried to cosplay just like how I drew them! You see, because I'm an anthro-nut I drew animal ears on all of them. ( XDD I know. ) Steven was a bear, Ricky was a dog, Sheldon was a cat, and I was a cat too. So we went and found a bunch of animal ears in my closet and put them on and ran around. XDDD It was so funny.

Then they found the swords and had a huge fight in my kitchen. I don't participate in these fights, but I swear to god you'll never find a more entertaining thing in your life. I just sat and watched them do that for like an hour or two, giggling like mad the whole time. X3 Then they wanted ramen so I made that for them, but I made a bit of a mess, heheh...

Yeah, they went through my halloween stuff and tried on a bunch of things. Well, they were pretty much everywhere. X3 Good lord, Ricky jumped off my balconey and I almost had a heart-attack ... then Sheldon reminded me they jumped off even higher things and almost had ANOTHER heart-attack. As if that wasn't enough, then he climbed BACK UP. O___o I have no idea how the hell he did that.

Then Steven put on music and made us play some demented RPG version of musical chairs. xD It was so funny. Oh, did I mention them attacking my brother with swords? OMG, HIS FACE. XDDD That just made my day.. even more~ I swear they all scared him and Daniel, but that only makes it better.

Then my parents came home and I asked them for money so we could go to Wendy's and burn off some energy before the guys totally trashed my house to bits. xD The walk there was fun too! We went through the path and ran and leaped over stuff, but I kept tripping and Ricky had to catch me. >__>;;; We went on the ice in the park too, and Sheldon and Ricky slid down the slides on their feet. ( Once again I had to stop myself from dying, they are way too risky sometimes!! ;-; Good lord I'm too worrisome. z__z -loooser- ) Steven didn't really do any of that stuff... but Ricky and Sheldon pushed him into a snowbank. XD Again.

Then I got dirt all over my pants from slipping too much, and I went into A&P to wash it off, but uh.. I got a little carried away and my whole pants got soaked. e_e Then I had to wait like an hour for it to dry off, but I felt bad for making them wait so much so I slipped the money under the door and told them to go without me and I'd catch up. Apparently they were expecting me to do that. XD;;

A while later I caught up to Wendy's, and they'd used almost all the money... of course. xD;; I just had a cinnamon roll though, I wasn't really hungry. Then we walked home after a while, but we stopped at Azzy's first because I really did feel bad that she couldn't come, but... turns out I made a mistake with what they were trying to say and she COULD come, so I told her that but then she didn't even care anyways. -sighs- I guess I deserve it. Well, while I was talking to her, the guys started doing 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' in the middle of the street. xD;; Sheldon was all, "I hope you guys don't care about your social status, because Ricky is dancing in the middle of the street." That made me laugh.

While we were walking we came to the conclusion that the night was almost over, but time went by so fast and no one really wanted to leave. They wanted to sleep over but I thought my parents would say no way, so we tried to hatch up a plan so they'd need to stay. Then we finally got back and had pizza, which Ricky reminded us for the third time he wanted to cook. And I had to tell him I wouldn't trust him with the stove. XD But after that we all kind of died on the couch from exhaustion. We tried to put the plan in motion, but it kind of failed and they had to go.

I gave everyone hugs and saw them to the door, and then I was sad. ;-; Everything is so drastically boring in comparsion without them around. Although funnily enough, they WERE allowed to sleepover ... I should of asked my parents, huh? Oh well, I'll remember that for next time.

Next ToA night is at Sheldon's house! Now for the long boring wait of the week until Saturday. I wish I just went to Widdifield, then I wouldn't be so bored all the time. But maybe waiting all week is part of what makes it so fun to see eachother again, maybe if we all saw eachother all the time it would be more boring. I don't know, either way, I hate West Ferris. -_-

I'm so glad that we're all friends. They're very dear to me. Until next time! Neko needs sleep~ ( I hope it's a snow day tomorrow. z_z ) <3 By the way, I wonder who ever reads these things... xD;;