now this demon is the joker demon. he was the best joker demon in the demon world. he had made magic trikes and jokes to make every body laugh. its like he had mind powers to cause he can make something pop out of nowere just by thinking about it or somthin. then while he transported himself to the real world one demon had went with him. he had not noticed a thing untile when his friend kuremaki the only humon he had been friends with in the real world had been hit by the demon on the head. then when the joker demon looked up it was not what he would want to see. his cousin had been a part of the anti demon clan. they were ordinary demons with the same powers as the joker demon. but one thing that they did not know about was the joker demons special power. only when he was in ultamite power he could use the power. he had used it many times before but he did not know what it was. then when he got to 11 years old his father had told him about the joker and the magic inside him. then when someone were to sommone that demon he would also sommune up that power locked up inside of him. so then when he had gotten to fight with his cousin he had gotten to ultamite power and then the last person he expected to sommune up that power his friend had sommuned up the power a feble humon had sommund up a demon. so then joker started to fall to the grown and once you knew it his eyes started to glow and he went back and shot a giant beam out of his hand destroying his cousin. a sad part of life for a demon to kill his cousin but he had diserved it. then he took the humon to his father and the father had made kuremaki a demon. and thats this demons story.