I never have anything interesting enough happening to me that's worth posting. And when it does happen, I can't post it or someone's going to kill me. gonk

Well. I wanted to colour my hair. But LOLZ I went out and bought fake nails instead. xd My nails seriously look like sh*t and I've been wanting some for ages. The good news is I can still play Dynasty Warriors perfectly fine wearing them. The bad news is one came off as I was opening the oven door. So I think I will be sticking to instant ramen this week. The microwave is slightly more forgiving.

And I'm having slight typing issues. But that's just detail. I mean, laptops are b*tches for typing anyway.

So tommorow I might get my hair coloured. Dunno. We'll see.

The FUNNIEST DW comic ever HAS to be the Iron Strategist. I was reading it last night and nearly fell off my chair - several times. ENDLESSLY QUOTEABLE. <3 "Ow! No! Spears don't go there!" crying Tch, poor Zhou Yu!

"Everyone is sleeping! I should sleep too!" blaugh

"Hello Sima Yi! I did not see you with my one eye!" heart

"I wet myself." eek

"Sima Yi is such a douchebag." lol

Egads! domokun Enough already.