WARNING: You may have well guessed by now, but this entry has nothing to do with Karen Carpenter, except I've been reading Shaun Micallef's 'Smithereens' and he mentioned good names for biopics are hard to find. I'm sorry. But that was the best he could do. gonk

I give up. gonk Zhuge Liang is hot and smart and married an ugly girl coz she was smart, but he's still a total a**. scream A FAN IS NOT A WEAPON!

I've been trying to decide which side I like the most. Wei has Cao Cao and I've definently got something against him so that's out of the question. :XP: I can't put a finger on why I dislike him so much, so I'm going to blame both his voice in DW4, his MeMeMe! attitude, and his ******** hair-do. There, I said it. gonk

So I'm been throwing up between Shu and Wu (sounds like I've been seasick :S), floating back and forth, meandering a LOT, because I like a lot of guys on Shu (Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, Pang Tong) seeing as they were fighting for what could roughly be identified as the 'right' reasons. Not that there ever seemed to be any. But Liu Bei did technically have a claim for the throne, anyways. Plus they don't have as much evil-a** ego as the other sides...if you ignore Guan Yu. :XP: (With Zhang Fei, it's always the drink talking. Always. Even when he's stone-cold sober.)

But Wu is full of prettypretty boys that I can't stop staring at :S Plus, they had a strategist who knew fans just weren't gonna cut it on the battlefield. stare

But we all know where it when after that...Sun Jian carks it young, Sun Ce carks it too young, Zhoy Yu has a tanty too many and carks it young, Sun Shang Xiang marries into Shu, can't cope, runs away and carks it. They just plain carked out. I'm not into that. :S

Guess that means I'm a Shu girl then. xd : I've been pinned down. I guess I just am gonna have get over the fan thing.