I have nineteen billion of those Labu necklaces now but I just can't stop kissing people. gonk I'm probably going to have withdrawal symptoms over the weeked or something.

I've unlocked a few more characters in Dynasty Warriors 4 today xd It makes me happy. I'm trying really hard to get all their stats up and their ranks down before I go too much further. I figure it's easier that way. -shrugs- I had a go with Pang Tong for the first time and I couldn't stop giggling, it was so much fun. He's not the strongest character, but damn his Musou is the best!

And today I just realised how hot Zhuge Liang actually IS. I was watching the movie played before Act III, and he's giving *THAT* look to Liu Bei as he says he'll join him as a strategist, and I went all funny. :XP: Call me ignorant, but I couldn't get past the hat before, or the damned weird Musou he's got o.O Apparently Sima Yi has similiar, but better, and I already know about Zhoy Yu's...but his isn't as weird as Zhuge Liang's. Plus, his is easier to use... Or maybe I'm just crap at this game. gonk

Ok. That's enough non-delish filler.