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Melissa Jean's RPG Journal
I love to write differant stories. keep an eye on my Journal and you may see the differant Stories I write. Also watch for different Poems and Jokes I may post up.
Plans Went Haywire
Chapter 1

Plans went haywire. She ran down the hall sliding on the newly laid rug. "What am I going to do?" she asked herself. She had, Just a few days before suggested that her friends accompany her to the upcoming "Narnia" Movie. But December 20th something came up and she lost all the money she had saved just for this day. "I guess I'll have to call them and let them know it's all cancelled, and today being my Birthday, This sucks." she said out loud, speaking to her self. First she called her friend Jammerlea, "No answer, she must be at the school still, I'll try Tara" she called Tara, no answer there. "That's right she's still at work until 7 tonight." She ran back to her room and flung herself upon her bed. "How am I ever going to tell them that I have to cancel everything because of that dang car?" She thought. Her phone rang and she got up from bed and ran down the hall to answer it. It was her best friend and cousin, Wendy she was calling to say that she was doing fine as well as the baby Nicole. Nicole Roseanne was born at 10:05 pm on December 23, 2005. 7 pounds and 8 ounces, 20 inches long. "Why aren't you in bed Sleeping?" She asked her friend.
"I couldn't sleep so I figured I would call everyone on my list and let them know about Nicole." Wendy answered.
"Well that's good, About Nicole I mean." Celina said as she turned toward the door. she had heard the door bell ring and wanted to see if it was someone she knew. "Can I call you back in a few minuets Wendy? Some one is at the door I need to see who it is."
"Sure go ahead I don't mind. How about I call you back in an hour. I have a few more people to call anyway."
"Yeah that would be fine" Celina said she hung up the phone and ran to answer the door. When she opened it there was no one there. she looked around to see if she could see someone around there but nobody was to be seen. looking down Celina noticed a small envelope on the ground by the door. she picked it up and read the name on the front "CELINA NAKATOMA" That was all it said. She opened it up and pulled out $50 with a letter. Pulling out the letter she read what was written. "THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP YOU'VE GIVEN ME IN THE PAST. I HOPE THIS MONEY WILL HELP YOU AS MUCH AS IT DID ME." She turned the note over and over but saw no name on it.
Chapter 2

"To wonderful for words" she said as she told one of her friends about the movie. "I saw the movie for the first time last night with one of the bestest friends in the whole world, she paid for me and everything. Any way about the movie. It is the best I have ever seen in my whole life. There are no words to describe how I felt sitting there watching the movie. It was Awesome is all I can say. I couldn't believe my eyes; Disney could come out with a movie like that. My Gosh. I am now looking at the chronicles in a whole new light." Her words ran wild as did her thoughts. "It was totally awesome you have got to go and see it."
Chapter 3

"This is the third time we set up an appointment to see her." Celina said as she spoke to her husband on the phone. "She cancelled on us again so give your dad the go ahead on the other"
"Well I told you if that happened I was giving up on it." He replied back to her.
"I give up too!!" Celina said back "Besides maybe owning that three bedroom house would be better then renting the five bedroom any way." She looked at the clock. "Well Hun I have to go. I'll see you when I get home from work. I have a few more items to do before I leave for the day"
"Ok see you at home" he answered
*Why can't things ever go my way* Celina thought as she hung up the phone. *Again my plans are going haywire* she looked at the envelope that sat on the table next to her. It was the one that had contained the $50 that had been left on her door step a few days earlier. *Well at least one thing went good. I was able to pay off one of the bills with the money that person had left me* she thought to herself. She started working on the computer finishing up her project for the day. As soon as she was done she would go to her detective work and try to figure out who the the person was that had left her the money.
Chapter 4

It was happening again. Plans were going Haywire. She listened to her father-in-law as he explained what was wrong with her car. "You have a hole in the pipe leading to the exhaust. That happens to be the most expensive piece on this part of the car, and you need to get it fixed soon."
"Thank you dad." She said "For taking a look at my car I got worried when it started making that clicking noise and I thought it was the engine."
"Nope it was just the pipe. Your welcome" he smiled as he turned to the computer that was sitting next to him.
Celina smiled back at him. And said she needed to get home to finish the dishes. When she got home she told her husband about the problem but that it wasn't too serious. But that they needed to get it fixed as soon as they could.
That night her kitten started acting very strange. "What is wrong with her?" she asked her husband.
"She is probably in heat. And with those cats out there it doesn't help matters much." He said. "I'll call my sister tomorrow after work and have her set up an appointment for us to go and get her fixed and get her shots, she is old enough for them now any way"
"That's one more thing to add to our growing list of problems." Celina said as she looked at her kitten.
"Well she is over 6 months old what did you expect?"
"Not this, not this soon." Celina said as she watched her kitten curl up into a ball inside her husband's coat that was lying on the floor of the living room.
Chapter 5

While looking over the website she had just finished updating Celina smiled. "Well it's starting to shape up now." she said out loud Her friends came up behind her to take a look. 'Melissa Jean's Anime RPG World' was the title on the page she had showing. She pointed to a few things on the site. "Now we can post our story here and it's easier to get to then going through 'A Place Of Freedom.'" She said. "If you go to this page.." she clicked on a button that said 'home' "It will take you to the home page of the site and you can go to any of the Corzoconia sites you want." She explained while showing them how to move around the site. The phone started ringing in the back. "You guys go ahead and look around the site. I have to get the phone." Celina said and left to answer the phone.

"Como Esta?" Celina asked when she answered the phone. it was her normal greeting but to anyone that had never spoken to her on the phone it was a weird way to greet them.
"Celina you need to call your mom." Came the voice over the phone. It was her dad
"Sure but what about?" she asked him wondering how bad it was that he had to tell her to call her mom. Couldn't mom call her?
"It's about Lanolin's Mom." her dad said
"Alright I'll call her." she hung up the phone after telling her dad she loved him then picked it up again to call her mom. "Hey mom whats the deal?" she asked when her mom picked up.
"Lanolin's mom passed away a few minuets ago." came the sad voice on the other end. "It was so sudden they don't know what happened" her mom was explaining.
"What!?!" Celina exclaimed "How is Lanolin handleing this?" she asked
"She's doing ok. and said she is still having Jake's party saturday. for the kids sake more then her own." She said. "You might want to come over though she could use you about now."
"Right on my way." Celina said and hung up the phone. she rushed back to the living room. "Guys I am sorry this is so sudden but I have to ask you to leave. Something just came up and I need to go somewhere." a few tears were going down her face by this time and she blurted out her explination as she showed everyone to the door. Again plans were going haywire.
Chapter 6

Celina was headed to her parents house to pick up her little sister when all of a sudden the lights on her dash poped on. she turned off her radio and listened. Nothing. there was no sound at all. she tried to get her car to drift off the road when it suddenly stoped "dead" in the road. Putting the car in park she frowned as she tried a couple of time to get her car to start. nothing. getting out of the car she opened her hood and looked at it a few minuets. pucking up her cell phone she called her dad and explained the situation. "Could you take us to work, my husband will pick us up and drop sis off at her friends house for the party." she said hoping he would agree to the plan.

"Sure I'll be there in a few minuets to help get the car off the road and take you on to work." he replied

"Great thanks see you when you get here."

They continued on to work and finished off the day. after work they were picked up as planned then drove to her inlaws. her father in law said he called AAA to send a towe truck out to get the car and bring it to his house so he could work on it the next day.

9:00 PM that night they were finally on their way home after getting the car to the Inlaws.

"Haywire plans again" she thought outloud. "How could this have happened?" She asked herself but put the blame on her husband for not having taken the car the previous week to get worked on.
Chapter 7 (Cats are silly)

Celina sat in her car waiting to go into work when the call came, "Hello?" she asked
"Is this Celina Nakatoma?" the voice on the other end asked her
"Yes" Celina Answered
"About Tigger Thomas?" The voice said
"Yes" Celina said *What about him? Is he alright?* those thoughts ran through her head as she listened to the person on the phone.
"Well Tigger is a Female and it will cost you about $100 to get her spayed." They said. It was the Vet she had just left their second cat with less then 3 hours earlier.
"Let me call my husband and see what he says, I'll call you back with the decision" she said. Calling her husband Celina started to cry as he said they would have no choice but to give Tigger up.
"Go ahead and get her spayed, we'll pay the other $40 on Monday since we only have $60 right now"
"Alright" she said silently, Celina frowned as she called the vet back to tell them to go ahead with the process. All the time thinking, with tears going down her face, *I don't want to give up Tigger. I love Him/Her too much. Here we go again with plans going Haywire.*

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