I found DYNASTY WARRIORS YAOI!!! Oh man, I can't BELIEVE it took me three weeks to realise that little link on the navigation bar was a goldfield wating to be mined...WTF??!? I have hit the jackpot. All pretty boys (save Zhang Fei and Huang Gai) and no non-delicious filler. Yay! xd

Since it's all pictures, it's also making me laugh. Heheh. xd

In other news, I installed Wordpress on my site (curtsey-boy.net) but I have no idea how to customise it. Rather depressing. gonk I'm thinking about uninstalling it and putting in CuteNews but I'm afraid I'll accidently delete something important. neutral So tommorow I'm gonna go to the library and read that book on PHP. Something's gotta click sometime. razz

I ran out of chocolate today. That's marginally depressing, so I let out my frustration on the Yellow Turbans. Bastids.

I'm thinking about painting a picture of Kakashi. <3 I want it to be good, and actually LOOK like him, so I'll have to stare at all those pictures I downloaded of him again...and again...hehehe.

I also have to paint a picture for one of my dear friends. I'm not going say what it is yet, because besides the fact she's a Gaian and could be READING this (hi xd ) I'm also not sure what I will paint yet. I still have a few weeks though, it's all good.

I'm gonna assault people's eyesight and put a picture of Iva Davies in my signature, so toodles.