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Random s**t.
The Killer Butterflies

It was a day like any other, except that I saw a big black butterfly. It fell to the floor and disappeared. I thought I was just seeing things, so I continued on my way home. A block away from my house, I saw a dead body. I noticed a butterfly exactly like the one before.
The next day, in the morning news, a lot of people died because of an unknown reason. I went to school. Almost half the school didn’t show up, so classes were merged. I looked out to the window. I saw the butterfly again.
On my way home, the city was very quiet. I heard someone scream. I ran over there and I saw the butterfly. There was a corpse on the ground with parts missing and blood everywhere. I was going to scream, but nothing came out. I ran and ran until I got home. Nobody was there. I looked around. There was nothing.
It was nighttime and I was hungry but my mom wasn’t home. I waited for what seemed like forever. There was no sign of anything happening. I cooked noodles to eat. As I was eating, I looked out the window, the butterfly was there. It had blood dripping from what seemed to be the head. It tried to get into the house. It tried finding a crack that it could slip into, but failed. It then found a window with the insect netting. It tore up a huge hole. I panicked. I ran as fast as I could to my room. I grabbed my boken and waited.
Five minutes passed, nothing happened. Ten minutes, still nothing. Half an hour had passed until my cat came into my room. It carried in it’s mouth a big, black wing. My carpet was beginning to stain with blood, but I didn’t care. My cat has killed the butterfly.
Everything seemed fine for a week. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except for the fact that half of the world was dead. Then, on my way home from school, I saw a bunch of little butterflies. They were black. Part of me was terrified because they might kill the rest of the world. I heard a scream. I didn’t bother going to see what happened, I just ran home.
I turned on the TV. I saw static. I changed the channel, but it was still static. I kept changing and kept getting static. I looked out the window and saw hoards of butterflies. I ran to my room.
I heard flapping. It got louder. Meow. I looked out my bedroom door. My cat killed some of them. They were coming closer. I ran outside as quickly as I could. Within minutes I was surrounded. My cat killed some of them. I killed some of them. Somehow the butterflies were taking bites out of me. Some were biting my shoulder while others were at my legs. It hurt so much I couldn’t do anything. Everything turned black.
I started seeing things again. First thing I saw was a hoard of butterflies. Then I looked down. It was me, or at least parts of me. The whole world looked stained with blood. Am I dead? Probably. I followed the butterflies. They went into a cave. I followed still. I saw a huge black butterfly with a wing missing. That must have been the one I thought my cat killed. Next to it was a goldfish. They were talking, but I could understand them. They were arguing. The goldfish wanted to rule the world, but the butterfly wanted to destroy it.
To me, it seemed the butterfly has already won...

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    hello friend nice charecter u got biggrin anyways im new at this gaia thing i just wanted to know would u b my friend hehe k l8ter oops im sorrie my name is Phillip hehe sweatdrop

    comment DjPhillipbOy · Community Member · Sat Nov 06, 2004 @ 05:34am
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