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This journal will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...oh...
Freezing hell over since 1988.
They call me Yeast Boy!
Wtf. I decided to post here, because, haha, I like this account more than the other.

I'm thinking about swapping back to here and making Human Energy Drink the mule. That'll show the muddafuggah. scream I do like this account more...it's weirdarse but I feel more comfortable in this one. I guess I have a history here, some semblence of what I was like before I got all biatchy. gonk And I like the avvie I got here too.

So I'll probably do that, I guess. When and if I can be bothered. blaugh

Lolz. I bought a Playstation 2 today. Silver slimline one. xd I love it to pieces because now I can be that gorgeous sulky pretty boy Zhou Yu, beating the crap out of uglies, but before I can do that, I need a memory card. They didn't have any when I asked. gonk I'll get one tommorow I spose. Besides that I'm running out of money and I'll probably have to throw in my job soon because of uni. gonk Oh wells. I can sponge off my mother for the next twenty years. Apparently she doesn't mind. She will when she realises how much money I spend on crap every week.

I took fotos, because I'm looking considerably less ugly today compared to most days (happiness probably resulting from several expensive purchases of late, including Clipsal 500 tickets and the Playstation, and waaaaay too many late nights reading KakaIru yaoi while drinking creaming soda and listening to KC and the Sunshine Band whoaheyhey I'll shut up now). But I cannae find my camera connection cord. I think I know where it is, but I can't be arsed looking. I guess I could whack the SD card in my printer and transfer them that way. I think I can do that. Hmmm.

Mum's gone out with friends, so I'm home alone! Looks like creaming soda and choccie for dinner, then.

I should be really working on my site(s). :XP:

1) curtsey-boy.net - My personal site and collective domain. May also use it as a portfolio if I can be arsed painting anything hahahahmm.
2) Rick Kelly fanlisting - because I have to get in before a fangirl much less literate than I comes along and takes it from me. That will piss me off no end.
3) I'm highly considering running a Kakashi fansite. ^_^ It wouldn't be so much a fansite than a shrine and a bunch of links to places where people can perve at him all night long. And an excuse for ME to perve at them too. :XP:
4) I'm also considering a Dynasty Warriors fansite, seeing as all the good fanlistings are taken. -_- I could put a walkthrough up too...once I actually manage to walk myself through the game :XP:
5) Lolz I just thought of this one, but it seems good enough - a fanlisting for the radio show Get This with Tony Martin & Ed Kavalee. It's a little weird considering that there are no Australian radio fanlistings YET, besides the individual listings for Wil Anderson, or Hamish & Andy, but this would be the pick - because it's got a crazy fanbase who regulary vandalises Wikipedia articles relating to the show. xd And then THEY COULDN'T ignore me.

I just want to spend the night being happy. If anyone tries to ruin my fantastically good mood I'll kick them, laughing.

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Secks Please Ten
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Feb 10, 2007 @ 10:00am

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