It's been, what, two years? mrgreen

But now I'm back, and weirdly enough, this account is now a mule. Ye Olde Account, Muleboy!

The reason was this: last year, when I came back to Gaia in a very quiet fashion, I couldn't remember my old username and/or password, so I signed up for a new account, which is called Human Energy Drink (in homage to my favourite footballer ever pantsed in front of a hundred Catholic schoolgirls, Lewis Roberts-Thompson. The relevance is slim to nil but that's irrelevant). Anyway. That's the account I have been furnishing with my coffers, or whatever, for the past few months.

And today, by some form of a miracle, I remembered my password to this account. So here I am. Again.

And I was going through my old posts with more than a touch of sentimentality, looking at them, thinking OMG. I was so much prettier back then. I was also funnier and friendly. Now I'm just an annoying ugly cow with an inferiority complex against people. I don't know what happened. And it is very depressing to think about how I'm gonna be in another couple of years from now. I will be old, a total b*tchface and probably a recluse. THAT SOUNDS FUN NOT gonk

Anyway. Yes. This account's a mule. Therefore, I shouldn't even be posting in this one's journal. And the only reason it's got a journal was because it was a main account before, damnit.

Direct all complaints to Human Energy Drink. Adios, bastardos. xd