Ohhhh myyy... Well Days are longgg <3 And Life sucks oh yeaaaahhh <3 Schooooooll succkss the mooosttt <3 I'm sure you agree my loves <3 School = Suicide... Yush... <3 Midterms areeee the worst... <\3 Yush.... But hey... Nothing ta do <3 Schools awre just stupid <3 I Dunno, I don't see a point in School... except to take away precious time of our teenage lives when we can have most fun <3 Huuuumm Its so terrible <3 Yush.... I just like wanna run! Run faaar <3 No more Schhhoooool <3 Uggggghhh... >_< Its just gross.... **stabs it** And teachers suck <3 Yush well... Good bye my Loves <3 I am going to go fall in a pit somewhere <3