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The Burning Memoirs Here I talk about what goes on in my life, I might not be on at times but I'll try to keep it up to date.....................

Austin Pamaj
Community Member
28th January, 2007
Ugh, I had a party after work, but it was CRAP
not many people turned up and it was quite chaotic after a short while

The parents were currently at the house at the time and it took time before they got frusturated and kicked everyone out, but not before some ass-swipe raided the fridge and stole things, like one of my friends bags with personal items
Fortunately for her though, the bag was tossed onto a small tree not too far away from the house and soon we headed to a park that beonged to an elementary school that was across the road. Robyn, Sara, Courtney, Jacob, Tony, Megan, Sean and I(I'm forgetting someone) just played around until we heard some cars coming. Megan attracted the unnessecary attention of the cars whom turned out to be some guys looking for a party to crash, one whom was Courtney's bf.

It wasn't long until something turned out of hand as wee saw guys being chased by supposed gang members with bats and some kind of melee item and soon the yell of "COPS!"
We took to our cars and drove to a nearby internet cafe by the name of Zion where we had a brief rest.
The place was quite full at the time so Robyn and Courtney suggested that we go to Cockle Bay Beach, unfortunately for ME, Sean decided he couldn't be bothered driving to the beach and headed home, leaving me having to drive more passengers than I had previously intended(damn it was cramped)

When we got to the beach I parked off the road some place under a tree, than one of the Jacob I think yelled of "COPS!" and everyone started running around randomly. I had the courage to speak to these cops and fortunately they trusted me in that what my passengers were doing were not suspicious, it was quite fortunate because I was under a restricted license where I shouldn't be driving around past 10 o' clock and NOT with passengers(I was pretty much breaking all the rules)
*Side note: there are three grades of driving licenses in NZ:
Learners - Can't drive without supervisor, and not with passengers
Restricted - Can drive by self between the time period of 7am and 10pm but can not carry passenger unless it is a person with a full license that can help me with drving
Full - no limits, period, zip, blot

We pretty much spent the entire night at the beach fooling around, freaking out at the yell of "COPS!"(not me it seems), trying to find me sometimes cause I was VERY quiet but sometimes just stood in one place(like a ninja?)
some other friends soon join with us but not for a very long time and by 5am there were only Robyn, Courtney, Megan, Kyle and I resting and waiting to see the sunrise

All in all, I was F***ING freaking if the cops knew I was lying about me being on a full license(I'm still on restricted) and the party sucked, I know and I've only been to one party before
The entire tme the party was on before the parents kicked us out, I drank one bottle of beer, a few sips of vodka, and a sip of gin. I didn't really feel like drinking cause I had felt like a complete outcast that night and I was smart cause it turns I had to drive later on

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