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Real Name: Qihiro Aine
Race: Kitsune Hanyu. {Half Fox Spirit}
Ethnic: Egyptian
Age: 17
Hair Color:Pale Navy Blue
Eye Color:Sapphire
Height: 5"1 1/2
Weight: 132 lbs.
Sex: Female
Likes: Flowers, Food, animals, insects, science, Oxia, Food, the Moon, sunshine, Food, cake, cookies, ice cream, food, books, food, fast rides, bikes, parks, food, fast food, chickens, giant chickens, monkeys, manga, anime, food, hats, fashion, clothing, food, rain, pools, the beach, swimming, food, friends, rivals, beating up males, sports, fishing, food, shoes, and food.
Dislikes: Egotistic people.

Ideal pet:A fire breathing chicken, with green and white feathers which height extends the highest cloud and can circle around the world in 3 seconds whose only nutrition is dirt.
His name would be Pookels.
Power and Abilities:
Water; Any forms, she can use perspiration within the air to even sweat off of her or her opponents brow, since water can be harvested or gathered from just about anything, she is never without a weapon.

Earth and Plant life;
She can control plants to do her bidding as well as communicate with them. Qit can feel its pain making the earth's enemies, her own.

Only when certain circumstances are met, will she turn into a human( when the opposite sex kisses her) But what are the odds of that happening?

With the control of water, she is able to tamper with the brain cells of the person whom seeks aid, either to erase a certain even of all of their memories, or just the emotions tied to that memory.
But most go mad, angry or they feel nothing for the crimes they have committed, and therefore, turn evil and commit suicide, but if they keep their sanity, and Qit wills it, they are turned into creatures known as the Oxia, creatures as beautiful as mermaids but most recognized as the cousins of Naga for their snake like tails.

The memories are not destroyed, she stores them, in a mystic spring in which only she and a few that she might choose can access it.
In the water, are the stored emotions and memories, as well as the guilt and evil thoughts of thousands. Many can imagine what could be created if someone was to drink from this tainted water.

No one quite knew anything of Qit's past, except her deceased adoptive father, 'ChioChi.'
After his death from the hands of her blood parents, she had left and embarked on a journey to become a strong warrior, and to become more entwined with her natural powers as a human and spirit hybrid.
All she knew were of her parents lineage, and few scattered memories, her father, a spirit kitsune, favored by the moon goddess, and her mother, an enchantress of the wood and a priestess of the same goddess.

But slowly, as she grew, and as she came in touch with her first master, Kai Shimatori, she realized that using her strength, power, and time was just plain dumb.
So she learned for the sake of learning, for the sake of being useful and having something to do, and for herself.

Despite all that she finds out, and despite the darkness she tries to hide trying to engulf her, she tries to remain focus, until she can find a cause, a belonging somewhere, an end to her life's story.

Weapon:a small pole no longer than 8 inches has a bronze dial in it's center, when twisted the top and bottom extend into a longer spear, the spear head being a hard sharpened crystal. When the dial is pushed into place while the spear is extended, a small slit is revealed and fishing wire can be pulled from the side and bends the spear lightly to form it into a bow. Needless to say, also arrows.