Miyako Horatu exited the alley where she had fought and killed her arms dealer with a heavy weight on her mind. The wind kicked uo once she left the sheltered allyway. It played havoc with her longish silvery hair and pinched at the tips of her ears with icy fingers.She jammed her gloved fingers into the pockets of her long coat and started the walk home. After a few moments of walking she entered the Wards District,the poorest of the city. It was dark, dirty, and filled with slum, from arms dealers to runaway slaves and anything in-between. The people f the city proper called the Wards an eyesore,Miyako called it home.
After walking in the Wards untill her ears were numb from the wind Miyako reached her home/warehouse. The building was an old office building,the words Wilions & Sons still readible from the front. Although the building was boarded up that posed no problem for the agile cat girl. Using the boards like hand and foot holds she shinnied up the side untill she came to a board that she kept loose over a broken window. She ballanced herself on the wildowsill and pried the board off with a dagger and climbed into the room,reattaching the board behind her with a handle on the inside.