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~Dreamer's Haven~
I'll probably just put random short pieces here and rarely use it as a journal unless something big happens.
Almaria's Feast
(This is from an rp I'm in. I would like to rewrite this sometime and add in alot more detail. I always feel horrible in rps if I had too much detail of the sexual sort.))

Almaria tossed the rabbit carcass to the ground with a disgruntled look. That had no where near satisfied her hunger. Prehaps she should have gone for that lizard man... but he wasn't anything she wanted. He wasn't pretty or even human looking, his scales had felt strange... Nothing she wanted for her first meal.

By now she had, had several small animals while she wondered, but found it did not thrill her. She was now getting use to her senses, and the world seemed so much more lovely than she remembered it... so much more sound. She continued to pass through the forest area, not trailing too far away from her 'father'.

Jacques stirred the flames of his small fire, a traveling minstrel he had found himself very lost. He believed he had made the right choice to go around the iron forest, but it had severely thrown him off track. The entire place had an eerie feeling to it... and he would much rather be in the next town with a local girl warming his bed. A smile spread across his rougish face as he began to dwell over the thought of a young woman... so much that he was starting to hear a woman's voice now.

The woman's voice was singing chords of a wordless song, perhaps slightly out of the tune but still pleasing to the ears... alluring. He shook his head. There is no way a woman would be here alone. If there was a woman here she would be with a lover or a husband. No way would there just be some woman walking through here singing... but the sound was growing louder, he swore it sung out his name and that is when she stepped in.

He had never seen a woman that jaw dropping beautiful before, her type of beauty screamed Femme fatale. Long honey blonde hair drapped over her shoulders, partially in front of pale face. She was... she was like some sort of unearthly beauty. Her lips curved into a smile and he suddenly noticed he was staring. He coughed quickly looking away and suddenly found his tongue tied... he was a bard he should be use to wooing women, but this one had him speechless. He looked back to the woman and she was watching him with her dark brown eyes smiling shyly.

"You know it is rather cold over out here... all alone.." She looked away now hugging her arms close to her body... just underneath her breast. Those eyes of her's flicked back to him looking him over yet again.

"Ah..cough, forgive my manners, I just hadn't expected to find anyone else out. Expecially not such a lovely creature as yourself." He patted the ground next to him watching as she crossed over with that sway in hips. She sat nearly untop of him, their legs brushing. He knew right then if he could get her to the next town it wouldn't take him too long to get her into his bed...

Ten minutes later he found her intentions were not even till the next town... only instead of being ontop he found himself below her the long blonde hair drapping over both of them. Her upper legs had a firm grip on his waist as their lips met and parted, his hands discovering what her clothed body felt like... wondering what it would feel like unclothed. He had commented on how cold she felt when they first kissed, she had only smiled kissed even more deeply whispering then into his ear, 'Why don't you warm me up.'

Her lips moved down to his neck now... and suddenly there was this sharp pain. She bit him? Jacques made a small grunt trying to move, but her small arms had him pinned down. He suddenly realized he had no name to call her to tell her to stop. He could feel her sucking away at his neck than stopping... kissing again. Was it just him or was she feeling warmer. So aroused was he by this strange creature that he didn't think to stop what they were doing. So they continued and he started to get use to to the sudden bites on his skin and the coppery taste on her lips. Even as he grew weaker he just wanted her to continue....

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    I like it ^_^ I think Necro would as well. You're very talented ^^

    comment Garnet~Rosiel · Community Member · Tue Jan 30, 2007 @ 03:09pm
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