AHHH!! new classes today! XD.. man was it boring. Well most of it was. At least i have friends in this lunch and stuff.. i don't want to take spanish 2... i can't remember like any of spanish 1 !!!! X.x just kill me now..

hmm anything spiffy that happened today?
- nope not really.. although i did see the rest of that movie moon child with gackt and hyde in it. It was pretty spiffy.. Hyde was a vamp! XD that was very interesting. Gackt was funny in it at first. Very spiffy 2ed part. it kinda made me sad though. * blink blink* enough about that though.. haha

hmmm wonder if my friends from cosplay . com have pmed me back.. - random thought not like any of you know them or not.. sweatdrop haha sorry for typing it out then?

DIR EN GREY concert febuary 6th 2007 - it will be really cool can't wait!
if anyone reads this and is going say so! XD i know fuzzy, and heero are going..