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~Dreamer's Haven~
I'll probably just put random short pieces here and rarely use it as a journal unless something big happens.
Mmmm... An update oh my!
Real life as always has been hectic, I'm sure if I beat it with a stick though it my pause for a moment and have a cup of tea.

So my imagination has been all over the place. Past, present, near off future I have characters for it. I actually started sorta working on this super hero type story only being the person I am I would mostly be focusing on how these people deal with it. Being a super hero can't be easy, saving the world, paying for rent, now let's add in the fact you boyfriend is a villan... but that's okay because his hot and has wings so as long as he doesn't hurt anyone you won't turn him in.
When I started writing it, it was more or less me making fun of superheroes, but then it got a does of the drama and once you get a taste of drama there is no going back. On the bright side none of my characters have gone emo yet! Yay!

The only one problem with writing this one is, how to write it. I don't feel like I can write it novel style. First person and third person don't work how I want them to for it. There also alot of little things, people around that I want them to notice but I don't want to blantly through them in their face by screaming "LOOK! SO-AND-SO IS HERE!!" That just isn't classy, it would work wonders if I could actually draw because I really love these character... Okay I really love all my characters to a strange point, my evil people even more so.

On the downside I have two really well developed characters and some character who need to be worked on more. Mainly my evil people, I hate just having straight forward evil people. "Oh look at me I'm evil and I like to hurt things." Yeah those evil people totally aren't cool, I want them to have a reason.

I do sorta have the first story line worked out for it, but there is just some things I'm wondering if I should take longer to develope. Like my main hero and her sister (Well my main character is adopted) Anyways my main hero has powers and her sister doesn't, they are really close... but I want that little bit of envy residing there and I want it to build up and then have her go all evil and get powers. (There is actually more to that but I would have to explain the powers thing)

Okay as for the powers... So the government (yeah I know all good things start with the government) had this special program with gentically altered babies and instead of keeping them in a secure enviroment they put them out in the real world. Why you ask? Well they wanted to observe how these children would grow. There would certainly be a chance that as these kids grew and found out about their powers that they would take advantage of them. How are you going to keep track of a group of college students... why create a college designed to watch them without them knowing... sure they have their powerless students there, but mostly everyone has some sorta little power, it is just that no one is talking.
My main character is an expection, she has powers but she wasn't one of these test subjects. Her sister is suppose have powers, but nothing seems to be showing.. Oh my!
Here are my characters so far, no last names yet because I'm lazy.

Miranda, main character, she is very unsure of herself some of the time and looks to her sister for support. Coming from a small town she really didn't have to use her powers other than for little things, so she doesn't come ot college with an alter ego. Her superhero name is still in the works because I really can't think of anything awesome for it. Basically her power is creating things. Originally she could only create mytholigical creatures, but sorta liked the idea of just using her mind to create things, which she does wonderfully. Her weakness is are the fact she has no amazing strength or speed to protect her... so head on head fights with other superheroes aren't her thing. The truth about her, she is an alien! Oh my! Her alien spirit is possessing the body of a girl who died with her parents in an automobile accident. Her vessel crashed on the earth were she spent three years playing with the little girl in spirit form when she was still alive. They can do out of body stuff leaving their bodies behind... her's was strapped in her vessel and she wanted to play. So when the car crashed she didn't want to lose her friend, still being a child herself she took over the body and completely forgot who she was. Most her memory is in shambles and the only powers she has left over from her previous life is the one to create things.

Lily, Miranda's adopted sister, she is the life of the party and rarely brings up her troubles. Nearly the same age as Miranda the two are basically best friends. While Miranda spends her time saving the world and barely having a social life, Lily is trying to experience it all. She is prone to getting crushes, but normally doesn't have enough confindence in herself to follow through. Something I can't wait to slowly develope. Lily envies her adoptive sister for her powers secretly at some points hating her.

Chris, he is basically superman only he is sorta a jock. I'm not really sure what to do with him, I have some small ideas but he is so much a flirt.... Due to being a superhero he, like Miranda, avoids dating. They sorta start thinking your cheating when you have to suddenly leave to go save the world.

Max, my sexy winged villan/hero, he battles his crush on Miranda and his evil nature. His sorta a kleptomanic but he always gives it back. He provides alot of insight on the powers and starts out looking like a good guy. He is also Roland's old friend from highschool. I really like the relationship between Miranda and Max it is all like I want to kiss you, but were on different sides. When I'm working on them I like to listen to Holding out for a Hero by Jennifer Saunders (Shrek 2) His one of those guys who can twirl a girl on a dance floor and turn her world upside down. I got this great scene in my head with them dancing in a sorta waltz style, but he likes to twirl. It is understandable why any girl would want him.

Roland, Miranda's starting love interest. In the beginning I really wanted to put these two together, but then Max came in. Anyways I kept him as a starting love interest and as someone who continues to be interested in her even when his pissed off at her. Roland has a twin named Mekio who isn't too close to, and is close friends with Max. He has had problems with girls cheating on him in the past so when Miranda starts disappearing before they start dating... and there is when Chris kisses her and he finds out. Well he quickly goes into rebound mode and dates this nameless girl who I'll just call Veronica right now. He is sort emo sometimes with his whole woe is me thing and makes himself into a loner. Don't worry he developes into an awesome guy.

Mekio, Roland's twin. Mekio is the opposite of her brother, very much outgoing and spastic. She has the power of fire and is something of a pyromanic, but she is still a good guy. She is the person you go to if you need to smile, but that always puts a strain on her... but she doesn't talk about that. She is very much an interesting character in that she has my personality and I want to do more with her. She really isn't interested in dating so much. She also happens to be a character I've had for years and is sorta punkish in how she dresses.

Claire, she is a popular girl who doesn't feel all to comfortable with the role. She is a blonde bombshell wit hthe power of speed and lightening, but does not interact with her power so much as she feels it will completely alienate her from the rest of the world. Originally she was going to be something of a b***h, but as I took a closer look at her I saw that she was no where near that. She is vey atheletic and somewhat tall, she is also an old friend of Chris. I really want to develope her alot more.

Okay that's all I have for now. My other characters I'm not even sure about.

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