This is a series of fanfiction I call... The LOL Series. >_> I call them that because they make next to no sense. I usually make these things during class, they're loads of fun to write. x3 I have three here at the moment - two Naruto ones and one ToA one. I think I'm better at writing Naruto fanfiction because I understand their personalities alot better then the ones of ToA. ( Alas. I try so hard to understand what mixture of personalities make up Sync's... I hope I got it somewhat. T___T i luvz u sync yay )

Okay, onto the fic! ... Fics... whatever. X3



So, anyways, yesterday the author and the turkey went to the beach to bother Tenten. Everyone knows Tenten hates that turkey. It was fun.

So, then Sasuke came out of no where and started complaining about his brother making him ham sandwich ... which he was ALLERGIC to.

"It's all Itachi's fault." whined Sasuke, who was as puffed up as a blowfish and covered with hives, "I asked him to make me roast and he gives me ham. That b*****d."

Except no one was really listening or even cared, even Sakura who always did hate when Sasuke got whiny.

"Stop being so damn whiny!" bellowed Sakura, slapping Sasuke upside the head.

Sasuke of course got pissed off that anyone would dare touch his awesome and perfect head, and dare mess up his perfectly messy sexy hair, so instead of being whiny about that ... He just did that thing he's good at... You know, where he acts like he wouldn't care if the world suddenly blew up around him. Unless it blew up his brother instead of HIM getting to throttle him instead ... That would make him angry.

"HEY GUYS HOW IS THE FUN?" Came a loud annoying voice from afar.

Everyone automatically groaned - they recognized that voice, who wouldn't?

Rock Lee appeared from no where next to everyone, blasting everyone's ears off with his youth and invigoration... That was undeniably annoying.

Almost forgetting that she was here, the author caught herself before everyone could smoosh poor Lee into a pancake, and screamed about injustice.

"You guys are terrible! Lee is so nice!" she screeched.

"If by nice you mean persistant and ugly." stated Sakura very blandly.

"He was the one that put that turkey in my bag!" whined TenTen.

"I couldn't care less if he was here or not." Sasuke did that cold tone of voice which drives all the chicks wild.

"OH SASUKE-KUUUUUN!" squealed Sakura and Ino upon hearing the voice which activates their Fangirl Mode. Poor Sasuke was immediately crushed beneath 130 pounds of unwanted attention.

"Oh Sakura-chan!!!" bemoaned Lee, a waterfall of tears running from his eyes, "Why won't you love me?!!!"

"You're so not as cool as Sasuke-kun." snorted Sakura.

"I am this cool you speak of!! I am cool all the time!!" Lee persisted in a voice that very much NOT cool. "I'm so cool that I need to wear a sweater!!!"

Quite frankly, that quote was far from cool, and everyone else agreed.

"Sorry Lee," the author sighed, "You're very nice and caring, but you really are not cool."

No one disagreed.


"First off, looking like Gai might be part of the reason why..." the author murmured. Unfortunately Lee heard.

"What are you speaking of?!? Gai-sensei is way cool!!! He's the best in coolness!!" Lee had sparkles in his eyes.

No one really had anything to say.

"OH LEE YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD!" sniffed a voice, coming seemingly from no where.

Then suddenly Gai appeared upon the scene in all his green-jumpsuit bowl-haircut glory!

"OH GAI-SENSEI!" shrilled Lee.

"OH LEE!" shrilled Gai.

Everyone else rolled their eyes.

"This might last a while..." the author whispered.

"Help me!" came from a very VERY muffled and smothered Sasuke, but no one cared.

TenTen, feeling abandoned having not been mentioned since the first few dialogues, retreated before anyone noticed her and could inflict some form of torture upon her.

Then suddenly out of no where Itachi appeared to rescue the day! Sasuke couldn't see beneath the masses of body weight, and everyone else just gazed with adoring eyes. Itachi was, afterall, godly powerful and godly sexy all rolled into one. He looked over the area with those damned cool sharingan eyes, and spotted his brother beneath the fangirls. So, with a strong arm he lifted the girls off his pitiful brother in one smooth movement, and looked down at the crumpled form of his younger weaker-then-him brother.

Sasuke's vision returned quickly, and he groggily looked up at the face of his savior only to see ... his brother!

"ITACHI!" screamed Sasuke with the rage of a thousand hens, "I WILL MURDER YOU!"

"I think not, little brother." sighed Itachi with all the air of superiority. "I am merely here for two seconds longer then I will be back off to plotting the kyuubi's extraction, who strangely enough hasn't even been mentioned once yet in this story."

"I don't care much for Naruto." the author lied, who actually simply forgot to put him in.

The suddenly Kisame jumped out from behind a bush, trying to scare everyone with his sharky face except no one got scared so he got sad and went back into the bushes. Itachi soon followed and then the author decided the story should end here because she got bored and wants to read more fanfiction. The end!


LOL PART 2222222222222

Once upon a time Sync the Tempest was coming back from umm… the store, or something, when suddenly a great big fish appeared before him!

“Hello, strange green haired boy!” the fish squealed in a voice that was like eight hundred cracked eggs, “I am a magic fish, and I’ll grant you a wish!”

“Oh boy, or something.” Sync replied in such an unenthusiastic way.

“So, what will it be?” The fish flopped around on the land like well... a fish.

“Well, might as well use something free.” Sync shrugged. “I wish … uhm…”

The fish was flopping even more then ever at this point, “HURRY UP!” it screamed at him with great rage that was borne of the mountains.

“Shut the hell up, I’m thinking.” He shot back.

After a few moments of deciding what he’d really like, he cleared his throat. “I want…” he began.

“Yes, yes?” The fish urged him on irritably. The dirt was starting to get in his scales and he was getting really itchy.

“… A pancake.”

The fish stared at Sync like he was stupid. “A pancake?”

“Yes.” He said, “Legretta does all our cooking but she’s really bad. I want to tell her, but every time I open my mouth after I finish gagging on her food, Asch smacks me upside the head and then I need to maul him instead.”

“Ummm… Interesting…” The fish didn’t even want to know about this. Why the hell was he being told all of this?

“So I haven’t had a good pancake in a while.” Sync finished wistfully.

The fish at this point was just wierded out and wanted get the hell out of there, so he summoned up a pancake quick as pie, handed it to Sync, then disappeared into thin air.

“Sweet, a pancake.”

A few pancake devouring minutes later, Sync arrived back at the God Generals headquarters.

“So I met a talking fish on the way back from the store,” he started telling Arietta, “He was really stupid but he gave me a pancake so it was okay in the end.”

“I hate pancakes.” whined Arietta.

"Who said pancakes?!" yelled Asch uncharacteriscally.

"I ate a pancake." bragged Sync, smirking in Asch's direction. That'd teach him for smacking him upside the head at dinner time.

"Where the hell did you get a pancake?" Asch growled.

"A magic fish gave it to me."

"You're a liar."

Arietta started wailing loudly, then smashed them both over the head with her stuffed doll. "STOP FIGHTING!" she shrieked, then ran off somewhere to mope about her Mommy and Ion.

"wateva" they said both at the same time in perfect netspeak.

Then Legretta came in and automatically smelt the remains of pancakes on Sync. How, who knows, but some way she did it.

"Have you been eating pancakes I didn't make?!" she said angrily in Sync's direction.

"Maybe." he replied. "But just to let you know, if I had one, it was good, unlike anything yo--" he was interrupted by Asch smacking him upside the head for the millionth time.

"STFU SHE'S GONNA KILL US!" Asch bellowed, therefore Legretta heard and put two and two together.

"Are you two insulting my cooking?! RAAAAWR!" she unslung her guns and started firing wildly around the room, while Sync and Asch yelped like little puppies and scrambled over each other to get away.

Then Dist floated into the room, "It is I, Dist the Ro--" and was promptly shot in the foot where he hopped about screaming. "My beautiful foot!" he cried out indignantly, "This is going in my revenge journal ... Edition two!" He then took out a fluffy lavender diary and started scribbling rapidly in it while ignoring the pain in his foot.

dear diary <3

today i wuz comin back from stalkin jade and then legretta shot me in teh foot!!!!!!1 she will pay someday

p.s sync and asch are runnin around teh room and actin funneh

luv xoxoxxoxo
dist aka jadefanboy1357

Then Sync pummeled into Dist, and they both fell over in a heap, where Asch then proceeded to trip over them both and fall onto his face.

Legretta approached them, a look of death in her eyes, her face darkly shadowed. She wasn't even walking, it was like she was gliding slowly towards them, her whole body enshrouded in pure malice.

The three boys on the ground started screaming shrilly, forgetting all traces of their masculinity - discluding Dist, who had no masculinity - in the hopes for mercy.

"Oh, Legretta, there you are." Largo came through the door bearing his usual giant sickle. "Van is looking for you."

"Van?!" Legretta squealed, and suddenly there was fangirl sparkles and happy hearts around her. "I'll be there right away!" And she was gone before anyone could blink.

Largo stared at the pitiful sight of Sync, Asch, and Dist upon the ground and shook his head. "Yeah, okay."

"All I did was try and tell her how goddamned bad her cooking is." Sync insisted.

"I was trying to save our lives." mumbled Asch.

"I DID NOTHING!" shrieked Dist, and tried to get up but then a torrent of blood spewed from his foot. "hospital plz." he managed before fainting.

And thus was another day in the household of the God Generals.


Unofficial LOL Fic #3 ( I say unofficial because it's not written as apart of the Lol Series... but it's alot like them so here it goes. xD By the way, I wrote this after the teacher shut off my stuff so hence the first few lines. xD;; )

You shut off all my things. O___O uwaaaahhhh that's mean I was reading that, really! Honestly! Un!

Yeeeep, I love being like Deidara. Maybe I should dress up like Deidara next year rather then Itachi... Do I like Deidara better then Itachi? o_o; Well, Deidara is pretty awesome. Deidara, Itachi, and Kisame are teh shizznet. xD;;; I hate Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori, and ummm... Zetsu.... crazy plant... guy...


Tobi = Obito. Okay, not really, but he really looks like him... alot of similarities... un...

You know, Tobi is a good boy. Good boy Tobi~ He does whatever AL tells him to! Oh ho ho that Akatsuki wannabe... it's kind of funny/cute.


"Well," ponders Zetsu, "Sure, why not. You're nuttier then a thousand bats, but hell, look at me... I'm a bloody PLANT, like it gets any wierder then that."

"Ugh, but Tobi is so immature, un..." Deidara complains.

"Tobi doesn't blow up things. Tobi's a good boy, he doesn't make things go explode-y all the time like artsy freak." Tobi insists.

"ARTSY FREAK?!" Deidara screeches, "Just for that, you're gonna die, un!"

Tobi squealed as Deidara attacked him with clay exploding birds of doom, whining about injustice and false claims. "Tobi only be good boy! Tobi never do anything wrong!" he wailed with hurt as the birds left painful burn marks.

"Tsk, that's just the problem..." sighed AL, appearing from no where concealed in a thick veil surrounded by darkness and shadows and all that junk which keeps him from being seen, "You're a good boy Tobi. We are bad. Very, very bad bad bad. How do you expect us to open up the largest most evil corporate casino, hoard ownership of all the banks, influence the government, rule the government, and force ridiculously high taxes on all the villages when you're a good boy?"

"... Tobi is a good boy." says Tobi.

"WHO CARES, UN?!" Deidara shrieked.

Then all of the sudden, Itachi was standing amongst them and staring at Tobi with death cold sharingan eyes. There was a scowl on his face, and those death cold eyes were fixated in what we refer to as the Patented Uchiha Glare™.

Tobi looked frightened out of his wits and looked like he was about to wet himself.

His work done, Uchiha Itachi went back to into the shadows ... which in reality, was just a hallway leading to his room where he could sulk and angst like all the bad-boy little Uchiha boys are good at doing at... Except he sulked and angst'd about Kakashi, because afterall, every man over 15 and sometimes even under loved Kakashi with all the fierce passion of fangirl yaoi... or at least that's how they pictured it.

But since the authoress hates pointless yaoi, it was not to be, and Itachi went to his room to think about herse--I mean, um... other stuff.

Everyone else kind of just sat there dazed as anything.

"Un, that was wierd." Deidara mused.

"Tobi's a good boy." piped up Tobi.

"Awwww!" squealed the authoress, who loves Tobi, so she poofed herself in and gave him a gigantic hug.


No one really cared and made a move.

“Well, if Tobi dies, I got an awesome monkey that would probably do a better job, un.” Deidara shrugged.

No one made any objections, either.

“Tobi’s not gonna die.” I scoffed, clinging to him. “Tobi’s too awesome to die. Oh yeah. I mean, he’s just too cute! Look at him!”

Everyone stared at Tobi, not quite sure what the hell the authoress meant. I mean, Tobi wears some weird, big swirly orange mask… it’s not like you can TELL whether he’s cute or not. You can’t tell anything about him at all.

Noticing everyone staring at him, Tobi repeated for possibly the millionth time, “Tobi’s a good boy.”

“I’m Shino.” Said Shino from no where, then left again.

“AWEEEEE.” The authoress just clung to Tobi even more.


Yeah, can you tell I love injecting myself into stories? XD It just makes things all the crazier. By the way, if you catch the references for the last fic I'll applaud you. x3 Okay, until I write more crazy fanfiction next time, bai says Eteeee~!